Uggh, just picked up DOA4 for the first time


why is the difficulty so high? After getting the basics down in sparring mode (this game feels like a button masher) I just started arcade mode and i’m getting raped by the CPU left and right. Ill get a few shots in and then the CPU will then juggle me for a huuuge chunk of my life bar and proceed to counter every single thing I do. Pfft, never had to deal with this crap playing street fighter. :bluu:


It seems as if you need some training with ST’s AI. :wink:

By the way, did you pick it up for casual play?


Never delt with Walking Sonic Booms and Standing Flash Kicks huh?


yep casual, wanted a change of scenery after hours upon hours of SF4 and got this one at a bargain. At this rate, ill finish arcade mode in 2 more hours


If you’re gonna do casuals for DOA (which I also do, playing that game for kicks with my roommates is a blast) then why are you playing this crap? Get DOA2U or DOA3.

Of course, if you already play them, disregard this.


1.Pick Kasumi


then you will jump for joy when you reach alpha 152…

she is quite the street-wise hooker!!!


It’s really easy to kick ass at this game.

There are two ways to play this game:

  1. Don’t use combos because they get countered.

  2. Button mash the crap out of combos and get lucky and win.

If you’re going with 1, learn your chars’ counter attacks and just time them when the enemy can be punished.

Oh, and you can put the smack down on chars when they are on the ground or against a wall, but watch out for their wakeup attack.


The only reason I want to play this game is because of Nicole-458.


Seriously, would you think the spartans would come up with better names. Nicole? John?! The hell is this, West Orange, NJ’s Kindergarten Class?


uggh, just read this thread for the first time


Well, there’s also Jai, Li, Joshua, Vinh, Samuel, Isaac, Douglas, William, Anton, Keiichi, Kurt, Linda, Malcolm, Maria, Fhajad, Kelly, Jerome, Grace, Frederic, Adriana, Alice, Cassandra, James, Kirk, Mike, Ren, Randall, Sheila, and Yasmine. They have a pretty good bunch of names there. It’s just that the bland, generic ones like John(which was initially given to him to give him less personality, thus creating a “this is you” feel) get more airtime.


Doesn’t this game only have like 2 buttons?


It has three if count the guard button, combine guard with kick and you get a special kick combine guard with punch and you get a throw, combine kick with punch and you get a special punch.

  • Indeed, this is certainly the first fighting game ever where someone can randomly negate your attack with one good/lucky low-risk guess and then take half your life.

  • Virtua Fighter for babies. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Let’s take a really smart game and then make it really easy” is actually a pretty clever approach to making your shit popular.

  • Bungie made a press release to explain in terms of storyline continuity why there is a Halo character in a DOA game. Hahahah.


It has four buttons. Counter, to the best of my knowledge, is a button.


^ No, counter is executed by ‘direction+Guard button’. Quite ironically, Guard button has been named ‘Free’ button to sound “original”.

The fourth button is often used as ‘P+G/F’ (throw) macro.


Ha ha, oh wow.


Oh. Shows how much I know about shitty fighting games that don’t feature Liu Kang.


lol, a game that actually punishes u for doing combos. I can’t think of any other fighter that plays like that.