Ugh right in the childhood...Ray Harryhausen dies

One of the real motherfuckers in the art of making movies. No CGI, no dollar store B-movie “effects”, just straight up hands-in-the-dirt human ingenuity.

There aren’t enough guys like him left… and now there’s one less.

dude im pretty sure he’s the only reason i got into the hercules show so much. clash of the titans and the like were so good to me as a kid.

That sucks, but honestly I just assumed he had died years ago.

they dont make last names like that anymore :frowning: R.I.P.

do they still make last names?

Wow, I just saw a special on TV about this guy like a week ago.

Uncanny coincidence.

Jason and the Argonauts WAS THE TRUTH!!! RIP you inspired a whole generation of filmmakers.

Well I know for a fact I will be watching his movies these next few days

Truly one of the masters.

I hope they use a CGI coffin. Maybe now he can do a modern reboot of his infamous skeleton scene from Jason and the Argonauts.

Jokes aside the man pioneered several ingenious combinations of visual and audio techniques. RIP :sad: