Ugh..... Tiger Knee problems in SSF4

So I play Cable on MVC2. TK’ing is like my life with the bastard.

For some reason, I can’t get it down in SSF4. I can do it with Dhalsim less than half the time, and I can’t get it at all with Cammy, Makoto, Adon, C. Viper, etc.

Is TK’ing harder on SSF4, or is my execution god awful? Please help!!

I’m no expert, but you might be doing it to quickly. Jumps have a 4 frame startup, so you have to delay your input just a bit. At least that’s how I learned to TK Adon’s Jaguar Kick.

Go to training mode, turn on input display and tell us what you’re getting.

You should know, some of the characters you are listing use more than a simple tk motion. Cammy for instance can only use a back tk motion on ex’s, the normals must end at up forward. The only real trick with Sim is waiting for him to get off the ground before hitting the buttons. With Viper, I think I remember something about command overlap with tk motions and super jump, but you’d have to ask someone more familiar with viper than me.

I have like no experience with Makoto and Adon, so I don’t know what to tell you there.

But yeah, it’s probably an execution problem.

I haven’t played other games much, but I think it’s different in sf4. For qcf attacks, you’ll want to do the quarter circle, continue to upforward, then hit forward and the attack button. For qcb, you do the quarter circle, then hit upforward and the attack button. If you want to jump backwards, like running away with viper, do it just like qcf. For Dhalsim, just do the dp motion, then press up and PPP/KKK.

:d::df::r::uf::f: + p/k
:d::db::l::uf: + p/k
:r::d::df::u: + p/k

Oh so its totally different then. Good shit.

like Exceed said it’s definitely slower in SSF4. try delaying it a bit. though w/ cammy’s somehow i get it even when i do it quick. sim’s and viper’s sjc>bk (maybe more start-up on sjc idk…) though is a slight delay. haven’t played much w/ the others so can’t comment.

Try adding extra directional inputs after the tiger knee if you have trouble delaying it(like I do) since you are a marvel player you might want to add two or three extra inputs imo…

TK motion+:u::ub:

Because of SFIV lenient inputs that should work…

Viper’s TK Burn Kicks are extremely depending on joystick and button timing. If you press the button during certain frames of the Super Jump startup, nothing will register. If you do a TK Burn Kick from a crouching position, it will be an instant aerial kick, not a Super Jump BK. You have to pass through neutral if you’re already holding down in order to get a Super Jump. Same thing if you do the motion too quickly. You have to hold down for at least 2 or 3 frames before you press upwards for a Super Jump to register.

tk’ing makoto’s axe kick is really hard, there is a very small window where you are both off the ground enough for the move to come out and still have the 214 motion in the input buffer. it’s usually just better to do the ‘proper’ motion, 963214K.