UGH, wiring problem on stick

Just finished wiring a stick up and all the buttons work except for Square. For some reason this happens:

Im using training mode in GGXXS to test the buttons.
Whenever i plug the controller into the controller port i see the guy do a punch (Square), then the square button doesnt work. Any idea why?

You probably have the leads to square shorted on accident thus the controller is recognizing square as being pushed ALL the time. Hence, when you plug the stick in the game registered sqeuare as being pushed. Pushing the button more doesn’t do anything since the game already thinks the button is pushed. Best way to check this is to open up the stick and test the two leads w/ a multimeter or continuity tester or w/e. In any case, open your stick up and see if you did a bad job soldering the leads to the square button or hacking the PCB.

Thx chipper. I accidentally bridged the connection to a nearby grounding point that was exposed on the pcb. Didnt even think about the circuit being closed accidentally causing it to be pushing down right when it was plugged in. stupid me :blush:

now that it works time to close it up and put up pics:cool:

:), can’t wait.