Okay…so I’m thinkin about bringing Cammy into the party of characters I play. So naturally the first thing I do is see if I can finish her trials. I finish normals with no problem…and now im up to hard trial NUMBER ONE and I cant link her fierce spiral arrow after the crouching light kick. Is there a reason for this. I mean doing normal crouching ANYTHING into it links just fine. so why is it when I add all the other stuff it doesnt even seem like I did the motion?
Any pointers?
and if its any help I’m using a SE PS3 Fightstick


Do the LK LP cr.LK slower.

And by that I mean: If your character has chain cancelable normals (just about everyone has cancelable LPs, many but not all have cancelable LKs), and you use the chain cancels when doing a combo with them, you can’t cancel into a special. So you have to take it slowly and actually link your LK LP cr.LK, then cancel the cr.LK into an Arrow. Like for Ryu, he can do cr.LK cr.LP cr.LP xx SRK, but not if you rush through the normals and cancel them.


Thanx a lot. It actually worked out. now I just have to work on trial two T_T…stupid MP…-_-


Trials are stupid. You don’t need to use those challenges in battle at all. The best cammy players would never use the wonky ass links in the challenges. You have to learn her real bnbs. Watch some match vids or read up in the cammy forum


I only use cammy in casuals, but here is a quick list of stuff that I hope all serious cammy players would agree is vital to have in your toolbox:


c.forward XX spiral arrow

st.fierce xx spiral arrow

st.fierce xx cannon spike

A bit more advanced:

TKCS > c.forward XX spiral arrow

c.short > c.jab. > c.short XX spiral arrow

EX TKCS > cannon spike

EX TKCS > c.forward XX spiral arrow

c.forward > spiral arrow xx super

Even more advanced but still practically necessary:

Spiral Arrow > FADC > Throw

EX TKCS x N > Ultra (n = 1,2,3)

Cannon Spike > FADC > Cannon Spike

Cannon Spike > FADC (backdash) > Ultra

Also, not sure where to list this but: Learn how to use cannon strike in the air (all three versions of it) to aid Cammy’s mobility. You can do things like properly space a jump over a fireball and use short CS in the air to land early. This can be used to do things like bait out an AA move and then punish.

Also…definitely learn how to use her focus attack…its really pretty good and leads to some big damage (without ultra) like: FA LV2 > dash up > st.fierce xx Spiral arrow