Ughh Need more training!

Hey guys i’m new to Sakura and i know that there are tons of threads out there but i just dont have the time to go through all of them and i feel others feel the same …

Here i would appreciate if you shared universal light tatsu loops , frame traps , strat. and the best in gme combos …

Sorry bro, I’m afraid you’ll have to work to get better with Sakura like the rest of us.

There are no best in game combo’s. There are full damage combo’s, combo’s that end with better knockdown situations, no meter combo’s.

Same goes for frametraps, it depends on the space, the character(how fast is their, etc, what range does it have?), your throw range and the opponents throw range.

But to help you a little bit here is a list Robot Makoto posted in the Q&A section

If you don’t have time to go through threads, stop making them lol.
Just ask questions in Sakura Q&A.