Ugliest Street Fighter?

As a Vega I take pride in style and flash when using the Clawed beaut. So I think we’ll all say he’s the most beautiful…yes i’m biased.

Conversly, who’s the ugliest fighter? Both style and appearence is welcomed to gauge.

Appearence wise, Balrog takes the cake for me…

Hmmmmm…Don’t suppose Blanka has ever crossed your mind? XD

Though going on Vega’s win quotes, it’s a toss-up between Zangief, Rufus and Honda.

akuma is ugly. he looks lie Satan’s poo, Akuma is evil feces.

Gouki’s cute…like a pug.

Didn’t just quote Zangief…honestly…

I’d say Rufus.

El Fuerte looks really horrendous in his anime intros.

That weird little head.

It’s definitely a toss-up between Chun"manhands"-li and Zangief.

I can’t bring myself to vote for a chick…and yes Blanka has but compared to Balrog I think he’s quite…handsome lmao

Satan’s poo with cherries for eyes >:D

If you had to pick a second guy for most good looking SF character (I know most of us here would choose Vega for first.) Who would you pick?
Personally I’d pick Bison, but only when he’s in his first alternate. The fringe is godly and pictures like this: and Inverse’s avatar make me go “Hot daym.”

Vega’s heart secretly belongs to…

I’d drop an Izuna for that.

Akuma is fugly as rotten crap.

Rufus is just fatass.

Honda is cute lol XD

I find Vega/Cammy nauseating.
Partly because I had a little theory for a while as to why he protects her so much.

does it involve dictator?


Is someone jealous? :arazz:


Ryu…because I’m sick of the sight of him.

I have to say my boy Akuma takes that title:

Gets worse:

Gets much worse: I mean what the FUCK is that? Looks like a badly beaten dog.

hey if you see rufus’ story line, he has a babe, so he can’t be that ugly. rufus is more “manly ugly”. blanka is just hideous. green skin and orange hair? thats ooogly.

everyone’s picture from SF1 and SF2 HF

Hell I’d take Vega/Bison any day of the week.

but no, from reading the SNK vs.Capcom comics and kinda noticing in Vega’s backstory that his mother looks a spitting image of Cammy…it’s kinda hard not to wonder :looney: Since that is the one person you’d think he loved since he went batshit insane when she was killed.
So yup, incestuously nauseating :arazz:

That raging demon really fucked his face up. Is that what they call roids in SF? - Pre full fledged takeover of Dark Hadou. Not SO bad, certainly not a handsome fellow but he could proabably snag a few gals here and there. - Yuck - Uhh… - Still wouldn’t fuck with him though… :nono: