Ugliest Street Fighter?

I really liked him partly pre-hadou. Wish that was his alt, but I like the looks of his new alt.

What is his new alt? here.


His accent in the motion comic makes up for it.

Came across some really cool SF art. I’ll post a Bison one for you Francys since you’re in love with Dictator.

Go for it :slight_smile: I came across some recently aswell with the help of Kanta-kun (one of them has taken residence as my avatar).

I’m not in love with Dictator, Vega still comes first in my eyes but then in my eyes, Bison and Vega are perfect for eachother for all the right reasons XD

Take it as you will :stuck_out_tongue: not making a pun, honest

Also…your signature I’ve been meaning to ask since it’s bugging me…Perfect Circle?

Dude…or dudette…sick :shake: Haha

And yes Emotive. Great album, Mer De Noms is still the best though. :woot:

For some reason Vega’s deminure screams APC to me. All the more reason to love him :nunchuck:

Oh please, it’s not that sick :stuck_out_tongue:
The way they act with eachother in the comics just screams it. That and their birthdates. Horoscopically speaking, they are perfect so HA!

I love APC <3

I was just reading the comics. The Udon ones that is. I just finished the Chun Li Legends one and number 8 of Turbo. DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME! >:O

I was wondering, how many volumes are in the Turbo series and does it go from 2 to IV? Or is there a 3 mixed up in there? I can’t seem to get my hands on the rest of this story and it’s really bugging me…

Brena&Magdalena FTW.

there are 12 issues of Turbo, 12th isn’t out yet.

I have The first and second series (pre-turbo)…if you want them? (I have them on my PC) and the program to read them.

There is a mini series of SFIV, but it’s nothing special.

It’s not really spoiler, but Vega follows him like a little lost puppy all the time, it’s quite cute.

Oh so the main series is still Turbo. That’s good to know. I’ve held back on reading IV since I haven’t finished Turbo, so it’d be ok to go ahead and read it? And thanks but I have read them already, good stuff.

Vega does defy Bison in Turbo though, you were right about him protecting Cammy. I hope he hits that:

And not this: (That was for you Francys Pai)

And on another note here’s a random picture of Drunk Blanka, AKA Drulanka:

Rofl XD. That Bison one is pretty fricken menacing.

SFIV is a side-series so has absolutely nothing to do with the main plot.
the order goes:
SF2 Turbo

(For the comics anyway)

Then it goes into side-series which aren’t anything to do with the main:
Legends: Sakura (It’s a good read, I’d recommend it)
Legends: Chun Li
Legends: Ibuki

He does defy Bison, but I’m pretty bloody sure Bison’s aware of it XD He’s not a fool. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were reasoning (past my Hitler theory) that he lets Vega get away with EVERYTHING.
The Alpha series of manga aswell is another thing, I don’t consider it 100% canon, but when they draw Vega crying over Bison’s death, i’d say there’s something shaky :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the Sakura one much better than the Chun Li one. So much humor with Dan haha. But after reading the Chun Li sidestory I feel bad for him, but why’s he suck so bad? He got his ass kicked in 5 seconds flat by Sakura at the tournament. lmao
and yeah it’d be hard to believe Bison wouldn’t know about Vega’s little shenanigans. But as you were saying, there’s been 11 released issues for Turbo? I need to get 9,10 and 11.
Were there 3 issues of IV? Thanks for the info dudette

There are 4 issues, you can now buy them as tradepaper back as a whole volume.

9,10 and 11 really show some lovely insight to Bison’s sanity.

I feel bad for Dan all the time, he even gets his ass kicked in 5 seconds flat in the SNK vs Capcom Chaos comics.

Number 12 should be out some time next month. Or so I’m hoping since I REALLY want to see how they end it (I already have an idea, but I like to be proven wrong)

I have four issues for IV but one says Target exclusive, and the other are 1-3, is that correct?

covers ears and puts on mask stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!! >_<

Cripes! Vega fans and perfect circle fans…glad to see people with taste.
I personally like thirteenth step most(The nurse who loved me, Pet and Gravity)…but Tool are the the best, really.

Actually, in the first SFIV tournament I was in, Judith was playing in the background when I dished out my first beating(I was concentrating, but my twin ran over to point that out!)…I went on to win it!!!

I really should put on Thirteenth Step…
Thanks for the reminder! And Maynard really completes both of them.

I won’t go into further detail, don’t worry.

There are four. I have 3 in my house and I’m missing issue 1 XD (Don’t have Target exclusive either since they don’t exist in the UK)

Tool = awesome.

I also am a closet Puscifer fan :looney: