Ugly girls with large breasts, cute girls with no ass

Why is there so much injustice in the world?

If the cute girls have large breasts also…I can deal with it.

Could it be that ugly girls are just mostly fat thats why their breasts are big? D:


Most pretty girls have no ass or tits.

That’s why God invented light. So we can enjoy ugly bitches in the dark, using our imagination. Tits are all about presentation anyways.

What’s the opinion on puffy nipples?

It’s all because Adam ate the damn apple. Ruined it for the rest of us. That douchebag.

your losing your touch…

anywho I can deal with ugly chic with huge tits…but lets be a little more descriptive here…are we talking nappy dry hair? short hair? short chic? Tall chic? missing teeth at young age? horrid hygiene? ugly feet? etc.

You just want “beat her guts” so why does it even matter? Someone always gets these females who suffer from such an “injustice.”

Here is the answer to all of these problems.

behold paradise


“Realdoll, The World’s finest Love Doll”

That’s where plastic surgery and implants come in…

Just make sure they don’t go to that toxic one like in that other thread.

I know as males we have the capacity to fuck anything from a bowl of mashed potatos to all sorts of sex toys…but thats just creepy.

^there is a real doll club/forum where guys take pictures of them and their real dolls like they are actually on dates or hanging out or some shit. Creepy can’t even describe these people.

Meh tits don’t matter, size wise. Too many other factors. Besides, I’m more interested if they got dat hungry bum

And that real doll looks like a child

That’s a pretty horrifying real doll

This is what happens when females just won’t give it up, damnit!

Yea I’m gonna have to agree that Tit size isn’t the most important aspect.

Planning a funeral because a part of me just died on the inside.

I’ll take an A cup if she has even a nice little bump in da back+ cute face, nice size.

However, I’m not so desperate were I’ll just fuck a cute looking brick wall. Not yet anyway…

this has to be one of the most original topics of discussion on srk. Well-done OP.

I remember one girl in high school with the biggest tits in the entire school. It literally happened over the summer. Nice girl but her face… yeah, she looked like she whacked with a shovel a couple of times. Huge tits, like a G cup easily though.