UGTL 5: SFIV Tournament Results 1-30-10

Just want to thank everyone who came out. Big ups to box arena bringing out a big SD crew. Thanks and congrats to the top 3 combofiend taking 1st, ComboJac taking 2nd, and Onlinetony213 taking 3rd. Props to everyone else who took part in the tournament!

We continue to grow in tournament attendance and I would like to continue that trend. We are trying to do some big things so we can attract more people, put the support that we get from people is always appreciated and keeps us moving forward to do great things! Don’t forget to look for us at all the local tournies, because now that ours is over it’s time for me to head out and try to do some work. Just look for a big dude playing as El Fuerte. And don’t forget to say what’s up!

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Here is the link to the Tournament Bracket:

Good shit san diego taking 4 of the top 8 O_O but none of the top 3 T_T

one thing I did notice , you should take into consideration floating the brackets for instance steainmania should not play leo in the first round , frank fresh vs repulse , and beefcake vs style guile pretty sure u can rank people by location on the tournament maker so this doesn’t happen.

just a suggestion people dont wanna drive 2 to 3 hours to play the same people they play at home , that’s what all the tournies do.

Will definitely not be happening again. Thanks for the input. Thanks to all the SD people coming out and hope to see you at UGTL 6!

Don’t worry about nemo, he’s a big hater. lolol

I for one liked the tournament a lot. All of the SD people that went had a great time and we were all impressed by the size and quality of the tournament. I think our only complaint of the night were the 2 or 3 matches that had SD vs SD in the first round. Second or third round in, we can’t complain.

GG’s to everyone I played and I’ma kick your ass next time Combofiend! Got him second round :frowning:

I’ll make sure to be at UGTL 6!

Also: Think we can get a ranking list of the players? I can count and I figured my place by looking at the bracket, but it’s oh so much easier to see a list…

Woohoo! UGTL 5 baby!

Great tournament, had a ton of fun, even got to clean up some puke!

Only one suggestion, more porto-potties next time.

UGTL6 is teams eh? Time to start looking!

Pics from UGTL

OceansideDoods: Oh god please pick Honda, I dont want your Ken
Mike Ross: Hell Naw, you play Kui all the time
OceansideDoods:Sad Face

Just wanted to say thanks to the staff of UGTL. Bmarq for the hospitality, shit was dope. Big thanks to Alfredo for letting me do my thizzle on the 1’s & 2’s. I hope everyone enjoyed the music selection. Didn’t realize one person hit his head while break dancing to my set. And yes Tasha, I’ll do my best to switch up to some harder beats next time. Can’t wait for UGTL6.


Dude, your shit was sick.

Thanks Homie Much Appreciated.

Do you have any recordings of any of your stuff anywhere?

yea…don’t piss tasha off. She stabbed me once…once.

Here are the detailed results of UGTL 5!

i believe THIS is the correct link: