UGTL Casuals at Bmarqs & UGTL Discussion (Near Dodger Stadium, 90026)


First meeting: Nov. 8, 2009
Time: 1pm-8pm
Place: Bmarq’s House in Echo Park (90026)
Major Cross Streets: Sunset Blvd & Echo Park Ave.

I will start sign-ups for this starting every tuesday of the week. Just post on this thread if you are interested in coming and I will put you on the list. In order to get directions you have to send a text to my cell phone (213)500-5398. Just text me with the following message, “Bmarq casuals” along with your SRK handle and I will text you back the address.


If there are any games you would like tournaments for post up on the thread and we will start discussing what we could do.

I would also like to see if people would be ok with us starting to track stats and standings for not only our tournaments but other tournaments as well. The people that play in our tournaments are just as much a part of UGTL as anyone else, and I would like you guys to be recognized for your accomplishments and what not. So post up your thoughts on the UGTL doing such, and I am aware that SRK is bringing back the APEX but I would like to add stats to the website. Just let me know how you guys, the players feel about that.
UGTL Bmarq here:

I would like to lend my house to this general push to level up So. Cal. We will have some type of structure to these casuals, similar to other casuals currently going on. There is no charge for these casuals. There is a possibility of food being provided, if I can afford it. I will have some beverages. Any type of donations are gladly accepted. If I don’t end up cooking, there are quite a few places around my house to get food. Just ask and I will let you know what’s around here. I’ve done my best to choose a day that isn’t really used for other casuals and tournaments. If one of our casual dates does interfere with something that is going on (whether it be another casual or a tournament) just let me know and I will do my best to reschedule around it or I just won’t have casuals for that week. Thanks.

Casual Set-up:

So far I have three CRT Set-ups with xbox360 on all three. There is a possibility of a fourth. SFIV is going to be the main focus, but if there is enough interest I might be able to get another set up with Tekken 6(if not this Sunday, by next meeting). If anyone wants to bring another set-up feel free to, just give me a heads-up. I am also working on getting some type of recording device to record matches, if anyone could help with this it would be greatly appreciated!


good shit


Sounds extremely tight, I have to make the time to make this a priority.


i work in silverlake lol so u shouldn’t be to far.


Hey if you guys want the address for the casuals just send me a text. Still haven’t posted enough on here to do PM yet I guess. Here is the number:

Bmarq’s Cell # (213)500-5398

I will add this number to the original post as well.


count me in dude im not that far from where your meeting literally like possibly 5 min away from dodger stadium


I’ll try to make it to one of these when I have the time and when I do, I will bear provisions of the Chinese sort =)


Hey Bmarq, do you know anyone who lives closer to USC that host casuals? I’d come on Sunday, but I pay too damn much for the NFL package to not watch all those damn games. I’ll try to make it to the next tourney, keep up the good work.


i should be able to make it. Shizza, u should come through. I need to redeem myself lol. or at least level up even more


USC Gamers network is gonna throw it’s first SFIV tourney:

hopefully this will spark some interest on campus to finally throw casuals


just signed up…


Might attend this depending on house sticks being available or if a PS3 setup becomes available.


I’m down just tested you.


I’m 100% in. I live right by elysian park, so if this becomes a regular thing it’ll likely be my homespot for SF4 play.


Could you post the zip code at the least? Want to put it on sf4answers.


Ok I put the zip code up and the major cross streets to give you guys an idea of where this is located. I’m going to try to make to your tourney Warren, so if you guys need anything just let me know. I could probably bring a 360 set-up or something. Once Friday rolls around I will post up the list of people who are attending.


I definitely want to attend! I’ll bring drinks if you guys want. Any requests?


i will try to make it


should be able to go. any luck on possible recordings?


I have an HD camcorder that I will be using, so we do have something. I will have that set-up and any recordings will be posted up on our youtube channel. If anyone can bring something else that would be greatly appreciated.