UGTL Sunday Bi-Weekly Casuals/Ranbats (90026) and LA Button Masher Events

What’s going everyone? It’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I just wanted to keep some updates on here.

UGTL Sunday Bi-Weekly Casuals and Ranbats at Bmarq’s House:
PM for the address: I live right by Dodger Stadium

These sessions for the most part are going to be going down every other Sunday since I am doing a lot of work with UGTL and other projects that we are working on. I will post on here the date of the casuals though, so if you have a question just post on the thread. The next set for the casuals will be the weekend after NCR. It does not cost anything to get into these casuals but I do have a ranbat towards the end of casuals. I usually BBQ and have stuff for people to drink(This includes beer and what not for you 21 and over crowd). Please give donations for food and drink items. I do feed everyone because that is the type of person I am and how I was raised but please don’t take advantage of it. I am not going to hound you about donations so its completely on the honor system. We usually have at least 3 or 4 ASUS monitors running with SSIV. If you have any questions please post up on the thread.

LA Button Mashers:
Next Event: Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance in the Del Amo Fashion Center
Start Time: 2pm -8pm
Date: May 22nd
Address: 3525 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90503

I will give out more details later on today.

This is a new thing that the people from UGTL started. This encompasses all gaming so bring out your friends! We have games from all different genres that can be played. We will also be giving away from stuff, such as shirts from our Sponsors and gift cards from Gameplay and maybe some other stuff. I will post more details about the event later on today but if you have questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for your time and I will be updating the post soon.****

L.A Button Mashers event is going down today! Come chill with us after the tournaments are done with or if your not going to one today come hang out play some games and win some stuff. We were giving 3 rare MvC shirts from You cannot buy this shirt, you can only win it through them giving them out. We will also be giving away some 360 SC IV 360 face plates and a shirt. We got 2 $20 gift cards from GamePlay. We will be giving away a copy of SSFIV for the 360. And we might be giving out some free food and stuff. All you gotta do to enjoy the day is buy some food at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance. The address is in the first post.

Come out and win some stuff, play some games and chill with the people from the UGTL. I will also be making some UGTL announcements with everything that is going on with us.

Wassup Bmarq. L.A. Button Mashers event at Buffalo Wild Wings is LEGIT!

Right next to AMC and parking lot:

Music Game room:

SSF4 set-up (with ASUS VH236H):

And the restaurant:

Torrance is a nice city. I’ll post pics of the mall real soon.

P.S. Anybody know why my pics are in Direct Links when I put [IMG][/IMG]?

I think the only part of the forum that you can use img tags in is the image subforums.

This looks awesome.

Not because of SSFIV, but because of wings.


Oh and SSFIV is cool too, I guess…

let me know if you guys want more Super events here and maybe a real tournament with some of our sponsors coming out again, just let me know. I think the next event that will be at Buffalo Wild Wings will be a FIFA tournament during the World Cup. But if you guys want a Super Tournament going on here I am more than down to let them know. It will have to be a solid turn out though. So post up or PM me. I will be at NCR this weekend so no Sunday casuals at my pad this weekend. If you got questions let me know.

Thanks Joon for posting up those pics.

Casuals this weekend?

Casuals are on for this weekend. Start time is 3pm. If you need the address or anything send me a PM. just post up on here and let me know if you are gonna make. We will have a $3 or $5 buy in tournament as well, so if your interested post up how much you want the tournament to be. That’s all I got. Hope to see you guys tomorrow.


Can I get the adress? :]

Anybody comin from the Sylmar/ San Fernando area willing to hook two niggas up with a ride? :smiley:

Box Arena’s 2v2 Ranbat- San Diego, CA - June 26 @ 7pm Sign-up! End of Season Prize Pot currently @ $630