UGTL4 [LA 10/17] SFIV Double Elimination Tournament/Party - RESULTS


1st Place - Alex Valle … 2nd Place - ComboJack … 3rd Place - Mike Ross
=more detailed tournament results and event features will be posted on our home page

We at UGTL would like to thank everyone that came out Saturday to endure the insane October heat, technical difficulties, and long hours just to battle it out on SFIV. We are a young league (4 tourneys down, many more to go!) and we appreciate your patience and understanding for any of our faults and flaws.

With that said, we hope that you had a good time none the less! There was a lot of effort put into supplying the crowd with entertainment throughout the day and well into the night. Many people took advantage of the open bar… there were a few drunk and passed out dudes. The music was bumpin’, the tacos were delicious, the art was beautiful, and the “casual gaming lounge” had golden eye/smash bros/super mario world/mario kart running all day long.

Just a few Thanks to:
…our artists J Salvador, Simon Estrada, Jessica G., Naomi, and Leo Camacho for putting their awesome talents on display. Commisions were flying off the easels like nobodys business. If any art was purchased or pictures of art taken, please give these talented artists the credit they deserve!
…our vendors,,,, and for supplying awesome merch and/or broadcasting the event. We welcome you as extended family!
…our photographers that captured all the action. There were so many of your guys and ladies I can’t even begin to remember your names! Due credit will be given once your photos are published.
…UGTL Staff and volunteers; there was no way in hell we could have pulled this off without you guys. Hard work does pay off, and it will continue to do so. Thanks for loaning your equipment and souls for the day.
…and of course our supporters, spectators, and tournament competitors. We do this for YOU and for the love of gaming. UGTL is striving to become the neutral gaming grounds for So Cal, and we’re almost there. Thank you again, and we hope to see the same faces at the next one :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great tournament.


I think I saw you Azil we have to officially greet next time

Fun event! thanks bmarq and the artists and djs and good seeing old east coast face arturo over here

grats Valle 1st place

looking fwd to the next one …I’m trying to do some work there again :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for inviting us UGTL. You guys made me few really welcomed. I had a great time meeting everyone and selling parts. I’ll definitely be back for more if you let me know when the next event is and let me know if you have any stick issues. Tingboy and I will help out :tup:


The event was crackin’ I hope I can make it to all UGTL event from this point on. Gotta get my rematch with one Mr.Mike Ross, nothing but respect for that man.


Staff was great, I’m sure the little things that people will complain about will be fixed come december. Overall i’ll definitely continue to support the cause. peace


Hey whats up guys,
I like to thank utgl staff for running the tournament, even tho it was crazy light shows going on, im pretty sure you guys just had a slight problem, but you came back and had it run all night good stuff guys!. As for next time, i need to train harder so i can at least get some matches with the big boys!! LOL but other than that man, Shout out to Brian for making me feel welcome to his tournament, gauranteed to make the drive again! and Blaqskillz for supporting my fights !! it was hella tight, hopefully this december we can get more heads!!


Good stuff man! I had to miss it. Sounded like you guys had a lot of fun. Next I’m sure I won’t be missing this. Grats to Valle, ComboJack, Mike Ross, and to the rest of the other players.


Thanks to UGTL for putting up a fun event. I got rightly sauced, played some fun matches and got hooked up with some custom art! GGs to XBlades, Blaqskills and Sannsann. I’ll definatley go to the next one.



Thanks to UGTL for running a successful event!

I enjoyed my time there and met some interesting players and spectators at this event.

My concerns:
There were a lot of stations not used at times. The matches were being called out very slowly and there were 7 stations total with around 55 people?
There were also some stations that had laggy TVs.

I understand you guys are new, I just hope you address these issues so we can have a flawless event next time =)

Good job to ComboJack and Mike Ross for manning the fort in the WC :cool:


thank you UGTL for a great time. it was even more fun than the last one.

good shit to mike ross, and alex you’re a beast as always. thanks for all the pointers.

i’ll see everyone at the next one.

peace ane respects


Really cool tournament… yeah some of the tvs lagged and it went a little slow despite having more than enough setups but it was really cool venue and stuff, I want to buy a piece of art next time! I’ll definitely make it to the next one…

Good games in particular to Sanchez, Charles(Forgot your SRK name) and muzras… Also to everyone i played in the tourney.


good shit red venom! great viper :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to the UGTL crew for hosting such a fun event!

Shout-outs and pictures at the Box Arena Website


Good games man… lol at Sanchez yelling out “Aladdins castle and del amo mall” your vipe r is offical. :cool:


Good shit Anchez!


Bmarq here.

Thanks for everyone coming out to our event and making it a success. I also want to thank everyone for the input as far as getting our tournament up to speed. We are definitely going to have those issues dealt with for the next one calipower, thanks. Thank you everyone for all the input and expect great things from us in the future.


Good tournament, great games to BlaqSkills, Xblades and Mike Ross, and Arturo for letting me use your stick. Glad to see the vendors too, I actually got my correct seimitsu parts finally. Very cool place not just as a tourney but as a chill place for the duration of the event. Tacos were excellent.

Also, fuck yo polygons. I got the next GW tourney on lock.


haha… (S)Anchez.


Real talk I got pwned at geometry wars. i gotta get the game and redeem myself!