UGTL4 SFIV Double Elimination Tournament Party - Los Angeles, CA - 10/17/09

UGTL 4 10/17/09 Flyer (front) (back)

Promo video using footage from our September 13th event.
Check it out: [media=youtube]EF2s8_7FIE0[/media]


Saturday, October 17, 2009
2:00pm - 11:00pm

Project Infest
3201 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011


UGTL brings you the 4th Street Fighter IV Tournament Party:

-Street Fighter IV double elimination tournament
-Live DJs throwing down sick beats
-Real artists doing real art
-Bomb dollar tacos (herbivores, we got you covered this time)
-Open bar til registration closes
-Plenty of space to chillax or get down

This one’s gonna be down right fierce.

Doors open at 2pm
COVER: $10

Open bar from 2pm to 5pm!
18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

$1 tacos

On-site tournament registration begins at 2pm and ends at 5:00pm

Last tournament held on 09/13/09 led to Combo Jack taking 1st, Mike Ross coming in at 2nd, and Leo finishing it up in 3rd place.

Tournament Rules…

~This is a Double Elimination Tournament that will be played on Xbox 360 consoles.

~To reiterate, all entrants to our event must pay the cover fee. The tournament registration fee is additional. As such, entrants will be paying $20 total (cover plus tournament fee).

~The $10 tournament fee is going directly to the prize pool. The more entrants we have, the bigger the prize. All tournament prizes are cash prizes.

~Cash prize breakdown for <100 entrants- 1st- 60% of pool, 2nd- 30% of pool, 3rd- 10% of pool.

~Cash prize breakdown for >100 entrants- 1st- 40% of pool, 2nd- 20% of pool, 3rd- 10% of pool, 4th/5th- 7.5% of pool, 6th/7th/8th- 5% of pool.

~This is a bring your own controller event but there will be some house controllers for those that don’t bring their own (arcade sticks and controllers).

~Each matchup/bout will be a best of 3 matches (best of 2 rounds per match).

~First person to win 2 matches wins that matchup/bout and proceeds to the next stage.

~After each match, the losing player can change characters before the start of the next match.

~Coin toss at the beginning of matchup/bout will decide who gets to pick their character first or second.

~If at any time during a match, a player hits the start button or Xbox guide button (whether accidental or on purpose) that player will automatically be given a loss of the round.

~Referees will be present around all stations to enforce all rules.

~Zero Tolerance Rule- Any type of inappropriate behavior or misconduct (such as cussing or taunting, acting in a violent manner towards patrons and/or volunteers) will not be tolerated. You will be immediately escorted off the premises.

Live music featuring…

Our residents:
DJ Bubba Ducc - DJ set - Spinning all the classics (Victor Chavez)

Hypest Crew - DJ set - Homebrewed Grimey Hip Hop (Christian Tincher)

Lucid - DJ set - Homebrewed Fresh Hip Hop (Tony Cole)

SXEZSKOZ - Live set - Chiptune IDM Techno (Alfredo Barraza)

…and more…

This event is hosted by the good people at Project Infest
Near the intersection of the 10 and 110 freeways near downtown L.A.
Main nearby cross-streets are Broadway/Jefferson Blvd.

Please post in the comments if you have any questions.
More details will be posted as they are made available.

Damn, so close to campus

Yeah we were actually thinking of throwing a USC icon on the map on the back of the flyer. Come on out, we’ll be handing out flyers at USC pretty soon.

Ah ha, this is the tourney someone was telling me about. I was at FFA in Granada Hills tearing it up when someone told me about this (I think his name was Kevin, thanks dude!).

I was worried it would collide with my Vegas trip on the 9th but it looks like it wont. I’ll try to be there.

Oops, forgot to drop in some contact info:

contact for comments, pre-registration, and questions:
our website (still under construction):

One… Dollar… TACOS!?

Good Job BMark On Aquiring A SaturDay Venue. You Know The Box Arena Is Going To Be There. I Don’t Know How Many But I WILL BE THERE FOR SURE!

And quesadillas for the veggies too!

Dude, Quesadillas for non veggies too.

Good point. Quesadillas for everyone!*

*not free

You know nothing would draw people to a tourney like free tacos.

EDIT: Just realized that the venue is less than 5 minutes away from my work. I’ll be there.

Hey we just got our promo video cut and plastered on youtube.
It was made using footage from our September 13th event.
Check it out: [media=youtube]EF2s8_7FIE0"[/media]

This be on my B-DAY. SF4 but more importantly BEER PONG!!!

If anybody has any questions, comments or concerns about the UGTL please send all your PM’s to me: UGTL. I’m Bmarq the founder of the Underground Tournament League.

You can message me too, but you’re more likely to get the info you need straight from the man himself.

dude this sounds amazing.

It is pretty amazing. The end goal of these monthly tournaments that we are throwing is to have enough money to start a new gaming league catering to the fighting game genre and other genres and games that are neglected in already established leagues such as the MLG. Come out and enjoy the event.

Hey I just did a ton of work to our website, started adding some info on the artists involved with the UGTL (both djs and visual artists). Check it out, lemme know what you think. It’s still a work in progress for sure.

I have a couple of questions regarding the controller/stick situation (being a PS3 owner myself)…

What controllers/sticks will be available to us? What kind of button mapping is allowed (e.g. three button mapping allowed)?

Missed the last one, DEFINITELY won’t miss this one :wgrin: