Uh oh new ps3 stick has macro capability



bad news for fighting games program complex combo to a single button


Old news. And this would not work with SF4 because it obviously doesn’t take frames in consideration, so its useless for people who think they can “cheat” with this.


“Some gamers find the combo attacks in many games are hard to execute on a regular basis. You may need to combine 4-8 different button attacks with the proper timing to pull special moves. (Example: Y + Y + X + L + R + A + Y + B) With a normal controller this task is nearly impossible. The XCM Dominator Joystick solves this problem, and lets you execute these combos with ease. Just program the keys to a special button and then you only need to press that button to pull off those special moves.”



it’s missing something… more lights and chrome parts! yeah, that’s it. :looney:

anyway, even if you could, what would be the fun in 1 button press for a combo?

takes the fun right out of playing the game.


:rofl: Man, who actually wrote that garbage??? :rofl:x100


As corny as it the text does sound, It could be useful for a game like The Last Blade 2. I remember there was a special combo string that I had memorized for a week with Hibiki in speed mode that was like that.




Uh oh new SRK poster lacks search capability


I’d rather lose to a scrub then to a user of one of those things. At least I still respect the scrub’s time.


google search sux :rofl:

sounds like this stick would be good for 1 button fatalities


bullsht, you might as well ucking pop a game genie on your ps3. Using something like this is cheating.

If I see someone with one of these and they actually have combos programmed in I will break their faces and joystick.


There’s a thread on the 2nd page with the title being the name of the freaking stick. I mean, it’s damn near impossible to miss if you try.

I just don’t get why anybody who would go out of their way to spend $90 on an arcad stick would turn around and use macros because combos are too hard.


stop the press, people cheat in online videogames.


Yea sorry I forgot to search to see if it was covered already.

Depends if you could add say a gap between commands or not but even so macros can allow people to link supers to ultras far easier.

Take gen someone could easily do many of his super to ultra links and other links quite easily and reliably with this.


[media=youtube]cTbJCEBE6Ak"[/media]. It’s burned into my skull.

‘Attention on deck, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh.’


ahahaha sea lab is hilarious…


The same people who use 8 button sticks with PPP and KKK bound the the 7th and 8th button? There will always be a market for this stuff. Hell people pay 100 bucks for turbo controllers to cheat in COD4.


and welcome to the amazing world of online gaming


I don’t understand how macros will help you at all in street fighter. No individual move is that hard to pull off, and programming combo chains into a button will just make you look silly when you whiff.


LOL. I have a mental picture of the guy randomly punching and kicking at the corner. This crap is just dumb. I would slug a guy in real life if he tried busting out a macro in a video game.