UH Playas' Club <808>

you is always welcome psx.

as for room number and such, well, i don’t know cuz i’m stupid etc. what time are you coming? I could meet you somewhere and show you I guess. I might be leaving around then too, maybe earlier. I think syxx gets off of work at like 5 or something, so I rather go hang out with her, cuz well, girls are dope.

so yeah, psx give me a call around 3 ish. I’ll be in class before then. my number is in my last post. I don’t know how many people are coming this time though, I know Ryan has to work so he isn’t coming, and I haven’t heard from too many folks if they are showing up or not… aiya, I’m not a very good president. BUT WHO CARES FUCK YOU! yeah, well we got the constitution now, so once we can all be there at once (next week thursday?) we can hand it in then beg UH for money later.

Ok guys, meeting on Thursday again. Who’s stuff, and what games?

I think we should have loser scrub day sometime soon. Like, we let only the shitty people play and the good people make fun of them… I mean, HELP them. haha silly me.

ST, CVS2. Any other games?

SCRUB DAY!!! Too bad I fucking work. I could join in on the scrub action, and you guys could make fun of me too.

I ’ ll head down again. What time is this week?

Wow, all the same peeps from the other threads. Eh tell the club members to post too or somethin. I’m down to trek to UH if I’m ever off on a thursday.

Good to hear you got some playing time at NOrcal.:smiley: Oh as for the meeting today, same time same place. Magic # last night was 70 and one perfect. Commando reppin that shit hard.:smiley: on point:D

…will be um needing some help carrying a tv. lllll doesn’t plan on bringin’ this sh!t back home, is there a secure place (other than your houses, of course) on campus where lllll can put the tv? also are there any ps2 consoles available yet or no? lllll believes he still can make men (/women) outta you gxx players yet.

Yep, same bat time, same bat channel. Around from 3-6.

Carlos: Try ask james wang if he can keep your tv at his work place or something. If you want to bring a ps2 (AND TTT), then please do, but I don’t have any ps2 sticks so we might need people to bring in mas sticks or something. I am so out of practice with ggxx…

Unfortunately my workplace won’t allow a TV. It’s too big. I dunno where we could put it on campus.

I had a midterm so I wasn’t around for the most part but I was glad to see so many people playing ST today when I came back to the lounge.

For next week… I nominate the following

KOF 2002

BTW… would any of you like to play Vampire Savior?

HRyan/YK808: When will we gain access to that other place (you were talking about) where we can play.

Hey wassup everyone HOLIDAY THIS TUESDAY YAY!!!

Uhm… ok where is everyone? At least post here once once you have an account. DO IT! Well those peeple who signed up the other thursday at least…

Hey were you guys able to turn in the constituion thing?

Either way ill see you guys Thurs , 3 to 6 again right?

Yep, same time place etc. We will be handing in the shit today unless there are problems, like say, ryan not being able to come today. Oh yeah btw, yeah, ryan can’t come today, he got work.

wait a minute so who’s all coming?

Oh yeah do you guys wanna play some SVC Chaos PLUS next week Thursday?

god no, svc chaos is horrible.

Sorry I couldn’t make it. Been feeling sick and have a major head ache so i canceled. Ill probably be at the next one though.


I juist saw ernest on tv. some gay show on G4, they only showed him for like 3 seconds, but it was ernest playing ddr at brain’s! HAHAHA DOPE!

Could we have a roll cancel tutorial session this Thursday? Oh yeah can someone remind me to bring the games. yk808 you gave my number please call me on Wednesday to remind me. I’ll try and bring my ASCII stick.

There’s not much to roll cancelling. Practice makes for almost perfect. No amount of explaining will help with roll cancelling; you gotta just try it over and over for 30 minutes or so until you can feel the timing.

And practicing with the taunt button doesn’t help.