Uh. . .TekkenVsStreet Fighter can u say unfair!

im just wondering is it just me or does anyone think theres gonna be a huge disadvantage for the tekken characters?

since it’ll be made by the tekken folks, i doubt it. but THERE’S ALREADY A THREAD.

lmao really well i hope so and oh lol i knew that haha

He was referring to SxT, not TxS, he just misspelled it in the name (read the poll question).

No they won’t though. Tekken characters should transfer over to 2D very well, they won’t be juggling any more and it won’t feel like you’re playing a Tekken character outside of aesthetics. That’s why there’s 2 versions of the game being made, one 3D one 2D.

I’d say the SF characters are more likely to be at a disadvantage in the Namco version than the Tekken characters are to be in the Capcom one.

The crouch dash going under fireballs and being cancellable into other attacks instantly means they wont have much trouble at all by the looks of it.

This. Also, there wasn’t a poll question when I posted… :stuck_out_tongue:
We still don’t need a million threads for these games though. They’re 2 years away, at LEAST.