uhh.. yeah..

just got street fighter x tekken

learning xiao(on point) and juri(anchor)

ummm yeah i need some help on how to get better at…the fundamentals
i’m mainly used to blazblue,soul calibur and tekken and some guilty gear sooo uh yeah

I think SF4 fundementals will apply here. Although other games won’t hurt. Also I would try looking in the SFxT area for more specific help. But basically very similar to SF4 I would imaging. I didn’t play tons of SFxT but it felt very similar.

ok ok good just need to learn the basics of street fighter 4 in general

Descriptive thread titles are really nice and will get you more replies than “uhh… yeah…”

You basically asked “teach me fundamentals” as a thread. If I have to do more work to answer your question than you do to ask it, I’m not going to bother.

Are you asking for a character, for fundamentals tips, how to use your current characters, or what?

SF4 basics won’t help you play any other game

just play more SFxT if you want to understand SFxT

what the hell kind of thread title is that

welp sorry for making this a weird thread i guess none of you guys would like to help out a noob. it’s cool i’ll just keep playing the game.

You’re not asking the right questions. Fundamentals aren’t something that can be taught to you in a forum post. You have to go over your own gameplay, as well as research your game, and figure out what you’re doing wrong.

At the most we can point you to things like the Footsies Handbook.

ok this looks like it will help. thank you very much and how come this forum doesn’t have much on xiao and juri? w.e thanks again

There’s the SFxT subforums for each character in the game, but they’re pretty dead.


Because not that many people like SFxTK after all the dumb shit that happened after launch. And then not that many people like how the game plays either. I don’t think very many characters have a ton of tech because people stopped caring :confused: