Uhm, I made an account, logged in and banned


Hi everyone, I’m pretty new here, mostly lurked, but when I made a new account and went to post a strategy guide on Abel, it said it was banned RIGHT after I created it & logged in! I’m just posting because when I made an account (“Dagger”), it was banned.

I made the account, logged in, and it said I was ‘banned’ for ‘No reason specified’, and the ‘date will be lifed: never’.

So let me know what’s wrong, or fix it please when you have the time. Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It had no posts, nothing, so I don’t know why this one wasn’t banned…so if you could fix it, please do so. (And I can give my E-mail address n stuff so you know it’s me)


meh, that’s weird… maybe there was another user on here before with the name dagger and it got banned or something like that.


if you create multiple accounts on the same computer, it’ll ban the next accounts


Well, could a Mod maybe change THIS account’s name to Dagger? (Please)

It didn’t exist supposedly before I created it, and I’d be much appreciative (and contributive) XD. :slight_smile:


Good luck. You probably created two accounts from the same computer/IP address. If a mod can’t sort it out then you may be able to purchase a name change from the site’s owner MrWizard for $25.


That’s rediculous. :confused:


Ridiculous, but anyway, just pm a mod and I’m sure it will be fine. Next time clear out your cookies and chache before you use another name.


lol@paying for a name change to this forum.


I hear they’ll be offering new costumes soon, too. :wink:


That happened to me too D:


Where did you create your account? This is network related so here I am :lol:

Did you create your account at home/work/anywhere public perhaps?


Yea my bro wanted to create an account here on my computer so when he went and did it he was banned immediately.

I can see why they did it (less chance of people having multiple accounts) but there are fully legit reasons why a 2nd account using the same computer would be created


If you create an account with hotmail I think you get auto banned. Serves you right. :wink: Try asking on IRC.

Yeah, but as soon as you buy the costumes, then they will sell them to everyone else foe less… Capcom bastards!


You sure you were properly logged in? The error you got is usually what happens when you try to browse a private vBulletin forum when not logged in as a registered user.


maybe but it keeps people from changing their name every 3 weeks.