I have some problems with standing strong x EX headbutt. I can execute it 99% of times, so that isn’t the matter. What bugs me is the fact that sometimes I get 2 hits from the EX headbutt, sometimes only one.
This seems random, but maybe I’m missing something… getting only one hit happens pretting often (but not always) when punishing a blocked shippu.
Is there any way to control this?
I mean, I know that I can follow up in both cases, but the timing is different (and also the follow-up, when I get a 2 hit EX headbutt i like to juggle with MP sphere, then tackle - it depends on the opponent, anyway.)
should I just wait and see if it hits once ore twice and then decide the followup (I need to develope good reflexes on that, if this is the case, since there isn’t much time to decide)
or can I control that?

I hope I have made it clear, and I’m waiting for some answer


I think it all depends on the distance of your opponent on whether the EX headbutt will be two or one hit, same thing applies when you do it on an opponent who jumps in.

I dunno exactly what you want to know but this sounds like something you will just have to test out tbh.

things in 3s can be so char specific…


the distance thing sounds right for most circumstances, and you’re right the only way to know is through intensive testing.

But in the specific case of blocking Ken’s SAIII and immediately punishing with standing strong into EX Headbutt (the distance is always the same obviously) sometimes I get 2 hits, sometimes only one.
The only logical answer after reading your post would be that standing strong has a quite long cancellable window, and if i cancel it “late”, it pushes Ken far enough to being hit only once.

The vs Ken thing interests me quite enough. Ken is always annoying to fight, and if I manage to bait and block a super (not easy against good opponents, but it happens, Even to Daigo), I want to deal the best possible damage without taking risks.
This rules out red parrying the last hit and going for low fierce, and that leaves me with standing strong into something (since standing strong is the only good bufferable move which comes out before Ken recovers, unless I play Tyrant Slaughter - but that doesn’t happen)


I block Ken’s SAIII crouching that way as soon as the last kick comes out i can get in a c.LP xx EXheadbutt, LP headbutt. Then i get up my Aegis Trap. :smiley: