UI feels heavy


What it says on the tin. In match, the game is very responsive, the start button probably even too much so. But the menus just feel very heavy and sluggish.


It seems that the button presses only register on release (negative edge) and not press, which I think causes this feeling


The menus are terrible. Why did they design it for 2 button controllers? Maybe it’s no so awful on a gamepad, but on a keyboard it’s ridiculous to press 2 buttons at once for enter, and hold one button to go back.


I think I agree with this. When I navigated the menus, I thought there was something wrong with the buttons on my stick until I get into the game. I think the negative edge should be patched out.


I agree to this.


Negative edge is most likely done on purpose so that you don’t have to hit both buttons at the same time (just release them at the same time). Taking it out will likely make the menus harder to navigate, especially for certain controllers (kick boxes with large Pop 'n Music buttons).


I get why it’s necessary to be able to navigate the menus with two buttons, I don’t get why that’s the only option available. Why not be able to use a d-pad (for example) as well?

The game is fun, but the front end is so unwieldy I almost turned it off before I found that out…


yeah I can definitely understand the idea behind it and why negative edge makes sense for menus that operate on two buttons.

but man, it’s menus. let us use a stick or dpad to navigate those, then use the two button setup for the gameplay.


It’s probably to reinforce that the gameplay indeed is two buttons only. I remember them mentioning somewhere that people instinctively tried to use the stick in-game. Having it function in menus definitely wouldn’t help.



I imagine it’s a bit annoying for those using a Keyboard, but certainly not on a Gamepad or Stick. I’m currently using a PS3 Pad with Cross & Circle as the two buttons and whilst setting the initial options was a tad messy, it’s barely a chore after that initial set-up.


It’s easy on stick, pad and keyboard. There is no hassle at all.


I think the negative edge is used because to back out of a menu you have to “press and hold” one of the buttons. Detecting on downpress would register the input before the “hold” could be detected.