UIC Chicago GGXX tournament results


The turnout wasn’t as large as I was expecting, lots of people who said they would show didn’t come. But we still had a good 20 people and it was a fun tournament with some great matches

1st place Allen (BlueBluR3237) Ky
2nd place Lex (ShinGouki09) Dizzy
3rd place Mike (ElvenShadow) Faust
4th place Dennis (Ukyo) Sol
5th place Eric (?) Slayer, Potempkin
5th place George (Juicy-G) Bridget, Chipp, Sol

Since this tourament seemed a success and people had a good time, we will probably throw another one sometime soon at UIC so keep checkin the forums for information. Hopefully next time more people will show up.


cool, I don’t feel as bad now losing 2 of my matches to the top 2 finishers. nice placing eric/george.

Lex, nice pre-tourney matches and tourney match. My 5 minute johnny will be much better next time we play.

And do you guys ever have ggxx sessions during the weekends? I’d be willing to drive out there and play you guys almost any friday/saturday, weekdays are just kinda a mess. Pm me here or aim me as Shin Hugo and I’ll give ya my cell # so we can get in touch. later.


We sometimes play on weekends but ussually play mostly during the week, espessially on Tuesdays at 2:00.


We also often play on fridays too, though that’s usually determined on a day by day basis. But on all the days that we do play, it’s usually from 2:00 to anywhere between 6:00-8:00.




whoa, ky took this thing? crazy, props to ky players…


wow you’re one cocky jew. maybe they’re good? or maybe george and eric just suck hahaha? or MAYBE! george and eric haven’t had the game for 4 months like someone else lol.


Re: Re: UIC Chicago GGXX tournament results

Naa George and Eric don’t suck, they did well. As you said, we’re just good. :cool:

Next time all of the rest of you should show up.


damn that avatar is tight! lesbian ownage!


*Hell yeah, UIC took the house. :cool:

Great tourney, guys. We were expecting more people, but overall, I think it was good. Hopefully people will spread the word once we start another GGXX tourney at UIC, in maybe 3 weeks time!

Some favorite moments/highlights:

  1. Eric’s Bridget. I liked watching your Bridget very much. Man, I swear, that bicycle super does a LOT of damage, combined with mix-ups/follow-ups afterwards…

  2. Me(Sol vs. Juicy G(Chipp). Haha, mad props on your Chipp, man… I thought I was a goner with your crazy Chipp rush, but I got a LUCKY Riot Stomp to finish you off to tie the match… Chipp was so fast, that I couldn’t set up Sol’s Dust Loop combo against him, hehe. I want to play your Chipp again soon…

  3. Lex(Dizzy) vs. Mike(Faust). Wow. All I can say about this one is: “Mike, you FUCKED UP!” Haha, man, you had a 2-0 advantage…then you let Lex win… THAT was totally yours, and you know it. :lol:

  4. Lex(Dizzy) vs. Allen(Ky). It was a cool finals to watch, but Allen’s rushdown Ky was too much… but props also to Lex for making it 3-3 before Allen won the tourney. Good job, guys.

Yeah, like Aric(ChronoSabre) said, we pretty much play GGXX at the UIC 5th floor Courtyard lounge, everyday, from around 12-6 pm. But Tuesdays are usually the biggest…we have more people playing on that day. You guys are more than welcome to drop by and play us. :smiley:


Yea… what can I say… I’ll get my revenge next time :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: Re: Re: UIC Chicago GGXX tournament results

Maybe you guys are good, but ari, the KoC who keeps it gangsta!, and his friends didn’t show. I’m sure they would have taken the top spots. This wasn’t a full representation of chicago, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


Mike never implied in any way that we were Chicago’s “best” in GGXX. He just said we’re good. And as a matter of fact, we wanted FloE and to come, to see how we measure up currently(since we got our asses handed to him during Midwest Championships)…but unfortunately, FloE didn’t show. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


We’ll see what happens…I know one thing for sure though, all this talk makes me want to play you guys. :evil:


so I lost to ukyo eh?ok just putting the face to the name.oh well nice tourney,it’s kind of a new thing for me to work my way back up,so i didn’t expect to win,for uic has way more exprience at that the game than i did(rather just simply try to do the best i can).this one was for fun.NEXT TOURNEY I WILL PLAY TO WIN!!:evil:

QUOTE]*Originally posted by fLoE *

weeeeeeeeeeeak! **[/QUOTE

go blow more 2-0 leads and end up losing the series:rolleyes:


jesus dude… thats like ure only come back… that was like 15 months ago and shit and your still hung up on it… i think you care more about it then me lol


well then why don’t you stop busting his balls for getting 5th in a game he has had very limited time with? he doesn’t even own the game! I’d say 5th is pretty damn good. Just wait, he’s only been playing the game for a few weeks now whereas you’ve been playing it for almost 3 months now. I bet in about 3 months he’ll be at your level in no time.

posted in the GCC forums on december 28, 2002. doesn’t seem like a month to me like you’ve been telling me…

To ari: Just quit with bringing up everyone’s losses man…that “weaaaak” was unnecessary. you always do that shit. The ari and george rivalry is getting renewed blood with shit like this.


Damn Juicy
Reppin with fuckin team ID (bridget/sol)
Where’re you at Marc?
Did you go?


uhhhh marc… wtf…the fucking “weeeak” was cuz i fucking expected eric and george to WIN how the fuck is that being mean to george… i love how u just have to stick your head in wherever you can start shit… just like before…fuck dude…


Well judging from both George and me… we both interpreted “weaaak” as a diss otherwise why would he bring that shit “15” month old shit up? Ya know you coulda worded it better and been more supportive instead and said, “Good job G, good shit for getting 5th without having the game.”

i love how u just think you’re better than everyone else…just like before with marvel…fuck dude…

Saif: No I couldn’t attend, maybe the next one if i’m ready.