Uila Budget & PS360+ question


I have Uila budgets & a PS360+ & just wanna double check if I am doing this right before I do it.

I have a Sparky but after I bought it I read it wouldn’t work with the budget, just the RGB ones. So do I necessarily need a PCB for these if I just wanna make the buttons light up when I press them? I could just daisy chain the power wires together right & then that would go into the VCC of the PS360+? I’m pretty sure that’s right but then where does the white wire go? Does it get chained into the signal wire of the button?

I’m fairly certain I have this right but this is my 1st LED mod & I don’t wanna mess it up.



Going slightly off-topic:
Why is that there are so many people who say “this is my first mod, and I don’t want to mess it up”? There’s no better way to learn to do something than to just try it. That way, you learn what you can do, what you shouldn’t do, and what you can do better next time.

Back on-topic:
If all you want is it to light-up-on-press, you don’t actually need a separate LED controller. If you went through the stickies, you would’ve found, under the Tutorials section, a link to a thread called “Light-up on Activation Button Mod Tutorial”. That thread explains how, if you don’t need fancy lighting effects, all you need is a hex inverter or two, depending on how many buttons you’re lighting up.