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aerial exchange left or right, left or right + S in the air is apparently going to remove meter if you hit it successfully which is a pretty sweet change, also it seems like you will be able to air xfactor after breaking an exchange attempt and possibly being able to combo off the freefall state they’re in (is that new? never noticed), both making the air exchange system a little less stupid imo

Oh, I see. I always knew about the exchange thing, just didn’t know what it was called. LOL.

This is a bit off the subject that’s currently being discussed, but just what the heck is the deal with Gouken’s back grab? I know I’m teching it just like any other grab, but for some reason I almost always seem to get grabbed anyway by scrub noobs who whore it to death, and I end up eating unnecessary damage from his ultra or other moves that can juggle after it. Extremely frustrating!! :mad:

Remember that one time!?



You have to tech this grab a bit later than everyone elses. Just mash grab against gouken when teching the backthrow.

REMINDER!! “Screenland Showdown 2” is next weekend (Aug. 13-14) in Kansas City. Team EMP, Yipes, OMGItzAndre, Rex0r all in attendance. Come out and get bodied. [Aug 13, 2011] “Screenland Showdown” Featuring Team EMP and IFC Yipes! (North Kansas City, MO.)

creme fraiche

…Cafeteria Fraiiiiiiche!!!

Seth is fun… more fun than I thought he would be. It makes me kinda sad when I think about all the characters I never really gave a chance. Ill have to rectify that.

Just a Reminder “Chicago Heart 3” is next weekend (Aug. 13) in Chicago, IL. I am running the tournament. WOLFKRONE will be in attendence.


^ This. Fucking…this.


Mr. Hypnotoad sorry I still have your CD case. I can get it to you tomorrow possibly!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that a big event, headed up by Keits and Focus Fire is coming to Chicago!! September 2-4th is Fighter x Shooter!! Not only will there be Character Auction tournaments for MK9, SSF4, and MvC3 (once again being auctioneered by yours truly), there is a new TEAM WAR battle that you will not want to miss!! Think CvS2 style SSF4!! It’s going to be amazing. Not to mention Keits will be making other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS about Fighter x Shooter ON MONDAY!! You’re not going to want to miss this!!

Find more information here: [Sep 2, 2011] Focus Fire and Keits Present - Fighter X Shooter - $2k in Bonus... (Northbrook, IL)


im bored

ST and VS side tournaments on saturday sept 3 at fighters x shooters. also radiant silvergun highscore contest.

GAMES at my house tonight 6- late SBO qualifier on the big screen .

Since I left my cell phone in my truck, and I’m too tired and naked to go back out to get it, I’ll be at your place tonight for games Matt :smiley: Probably around my usual 9ish time. I may even play AE again, because I like to keep people guessing like that

No promises that I am coming but its possible. Still got some final work to do before sunday then on sunday…