UIUC Thread - Stage 2: Yamete!

You ass-goblins better come over for games on wednesday. I’m sacrificing valuable homework time to get my pwnface on.


REARRY? you mean “READY”?

dude, japanese people aren’t scooby doo.

Dunno if I will go tomorrow. Depends on how much stuff I get done today. And I vote it to be at Dan’s. Dual setups ftw. Right now in my head, it’s like…

**Make choice, press button:

B. Project, paper
C. Bah fuck all this <<**

**Which Galaxy Angel character would you DO:

A. Milfleur
B. Ranfa <<
C. Forte
D. Mint
E. Vanilla**

Aparently you didn’t watch the GG gigs videos.

Yeah, ok, we could do Dan’s… that is, if he wants lets us come over!

scott, i will stab your penis

Just as long as you touch it, there’s no problem.

so brokeback

hey guys, i was looking for some input concerning some sticks. it looks like i cant go wrong with an HRAP or HRAP2, right? are there others i should consider? what kinds of sticks do you guys have? i dont want to be stuck on pad forever. :slight_smile:


Anyway, just… do HRAP or HRAP2… yeah.

you know, i saw that coming a mile away.

edit: :razzy:

HRAP2 is probably most convenient and best quality/price.

http://www.vgonetwork.com/article.aspx?id=181 is probably the cheapest place you can get it. Supposedly they are getting SE/AE versions too so look for that.

andrew let’s play some ggxx slash sometimes (not this weekend i gotta wedding)? yo yeah? i haven’t seen like in um forever! call me my cell’s still the same.


I see how it is. You never wanted to play any GG before, but now you’re like ZOMG LETS GET SOME GAMES IN LOLZ.

For no reason,:hitit:

2 more weeks and none of you will ever play me in any game ever again.

after that it’s most likely good bye guilty gear forever :-S

o well

aw, such a sad thing to say. we will play again some day.

good bye guilty gear, hello hentai games?

yup, i’m done with most of my work :karate:

ok, slash/smash tourney is the next friday so i guess i’ll make some flyers. i dunno what the deadline was for submitting it to housing for approval (i assume it’s aready over) but i’ll just distribute some on my own. as far as i know, i haven’t seen any flyers for our tourney or the illinites by the union and i’m sure they will suck anyway so yea… i’m gonna make my own shit.

i want some clarifications in terms of things such as prize money and rules (especially for smash. andy, any thoughts?).

yea, we should finalize all that. how long do we have for the tourney? im thinking that we need to cap the number of teams at 64. ill bring an extra set up and maybe someone else can as well, and more if we can get them. jerry and dan went to smym last weekend and saw how multiple setups make everything go much smoother.

im going to ask a friend his advice on the rules. ill get back to you as soon as he responds to my PM. i dont know about the prize money.

I thought the tourney was tomorrow…</sad face>