UIUC Thread - Stage 2: Yamete!

no basketball even?
dan you better not just up and out w/out playing ball w/ me.

all fobs eventually need to return to their respective mothalands. actually, i wasn’t born in the states either… but i’ve been here for so friggin’ long.

i’ve been thinking about leaving the country after i graduate though.

Anyone in here at university of chicago? Not the Illinois one= UIUC. Im gonna be at Univ. Chicago april 30th-may 1st. Short trip but if anyone is on campus im down to play some guilty gear. I play Dizzy, <3 Orka.

the chicago forum is prolly the way to go on that, since thats where the university is located.

oh hey, chris, didn’t you want to run the brackets for the tournament? just checking with you.

I still dunno bout the prize money right now. I will try to figure it out. Dude illinite’s marketing committee is so frikking slow, and they get everything wrong too.


Kbalch, you’re probably confusing us with UIC = University of Illinois in Chicago. UIUC stands for University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, which is in central Illinois surrounded by corn fields. And Dee Brown’s children. One has to wonder which he has scored more: basket or girls?

And we got finals coming up in 2 weeks, so things are going to be hella busy.

Dizzy powa!! :rock:

Oh shi… Yeah I thought this was UIC. Forgive my complete lack of spatial understanding, Im from california. Our governor is the Terminator so we cant be expected to “understand” things.

hey, why did you make that fake account? i knew it was you from the beginning cus i know you joke about anti-air dust a lot… but o well. go bears?

Let’s rep this shit, motherfuckers.


y’all need to memorize the milkshake song.

EDIT - I’m kinda impressed how many 360 games are already available for rent. That shit is gonna get stolen so bad though.

let’s go to the library and play DOA beach volleyball hyuk hyuk

im unbeatable at that game.

put ayane in backcourt, nina in frontcourt and she can block almost everything. the only character that can occasionally overpower her is hitomi. hax.

There is no Nina in DOAXBV.

Who wants some money matches in DoA4???

i misspelled tina >:O

Who’s going to show up for wednesday? I kinow you fuckers want some pre-tourney practice.

hey guys, regarding the smash tourney rules. ill have those all sorted out by tourney time for sure. i dont think its necessary to post all that info on the flyer.

they just need to know that its a 2v2 tourney, no items, team attack on, with limited stages. BYOC.

oh, also, i think i may need to cap the number of teams at 64. what do you guys think abou that? thats 128 people in the tourney, reasonable right? i think that covers the basics of the tourney. it might be single elim or double elim, that depends on how many teams we get for the tourney.

remember… just tell everyone you know about the tourney and the turnout will be just fine. :slight_smile:

oh, you guys see the FR9 ggs results?

jerry, i will stab your penis

not if he stabs you with it first

dan, i hope that happens to you instead