UIUC thread

since there seem to be new players coming out of nowhere…and our old thread seems to be deleted…

i miss you

btw next time you come can you bring the first couple eps of one piece

Come here hoez


its midterm season =\ that and i dunno if tony wants to drive hahaha

eh, i may be up for it i dunno yet.

the only problem is i feel like my playing is hella weak, so i don’t know if it would be worth it

omg this thread died hella fast…why do we suck?

lets play sunday…

i dont think i’m gonna be playing for a while… i just bombed a couple exams…

that sucks, anyway you guys need to start playing ggxx :frowning:

i’m actually enjoying playing that game again

what about fuck mvc2 and cvs2 and we start playing KOF98/02 or soul calibur 2

weeee ggxx, my bad about last night…

let me just say

i tried to like that game, but my god it is about as fun as sticking my dick in a wood chipper

so anybody else coming here next year???

Well… me, but I already posted on the other thread…

Anyway, you guys should start playing GGXX (at least casually). I plan on starting to play 3S anyway (since its starting to get some recognition in Stl and I want to be able to play SOMETHING when I’m away…)

the biggest problem is we dont have a PS2. if we had the opportunity to play more XX, maybe. we play all SF/VS games but mostly marvel

where are you staying next year?

right now the issue of importance is…do you play starcraft?

Well, I used to play Starcraft religiously, but not so much nowadays (GGXX takes up most of my time). But I’d gladly jump back in, given the proper conditions…

Also, I have a modded PS2 with GGXX #R, so theres no problem for me.

I don’t exactly know where I’m staying next year, but I think its likely in FAR… I dunno tho…

i miss you guys:(

fucking trip to vegas plus weak as fuck gas prices=poor poor tony

not too mention having to juggle the ladies…maybe i can get away on sunday???

i go back friday :frowning:

i guess ill just have to take another random ass trip to the ville :slight_smile:

should have a little more cash in a week or two, but still someone needs to teach me how to budget haha

and i want to play cvs2 i’ve been playing more of that then marvel recently…