Uk 3rd strike ranking battle 26/7


This time the ranking battle was on japanese back to back cabinets.Everybody had fun and billykane got owned up by everybody blaaAAAAAtant! and so did the two bums from austria. There was a few problems with the machines but in the end the tournament ran ok. Play was pritty good overall,But it took a while for people to get used to the sticks, Although uk players play on japanese sticks all the time the ones in the machines where extra sensitive. I seen alot of people including myself miss basic combos at first but after a while once people got warmed up the play improved. Everytime billykane came to the machine he was racking up wins of 20+ with yun,ken,chun li and alex. But it was myself and hkc who teamed up and got the highest streak of 39 wins with yun at the end of the night.The 3-3 is tomorrow not sure if it will go ahead after the problems that we where having today with the staff at trocadero.It`s been so long since uk had an arcade with real good machines maybe in the next few weeks we will see some outher tournaments outher than 3s and maybe revive the uk scene.

Results: Streetfighter 3 third strike

off da top of my head

1st.TheHY ken3/chun li2/yun3/yang2/twelve1/urien3
2nd.Billykane ken3/chun li2/alex?/yun3
3rd.Hatim_The prince_Urien3/ Ibuki3/Hugo1
4th.Hani( I don`t play this game )remy1/2/3
5th.The chef Ryu1/2
6th.HKC yun3
7th.CIV Chunl Li1/2
8th.Chunkis sean3/ken3

ps hani surprised everybody with his remy as he owned all the uk players racking up wins of 20 + and like myself and chef he don`t play this game EVER!. Just goes to show how shit uk 3s players are. Anyway good to see dark star and cps3 comming all the way from austria.I did not even know thay played games out there.For more details on the rb and the 3-3 cheack out in the next few days.No macthes where recorded as we did not have any camcorder. OMG PLACE WAS FUCKING HOT!!.Dont you know…Mens sweat only attract outher men!



WTF are you talking about? Firstly BillyKane didn’t get owned up by everybody. Sure he lost to various people but his win ratio cleary shows he’s was above everybody. Secondly, it’s rather rude to refer to the Austrians as ‘bums’. They are great people who have travelled from Europe to attend RB.

UK players DO NOT play on Japanese sticks all the time. This is pretty much the first time we have had a proper Japanese cabinet with Japanese sticks and buttons. BillyKane and I were there all night and you and HKc did not rack up 39+ wins. Jointly maybe, 5 win, 3 wins over 10 credits or so.

As for the results, they’re wrong. There are no 4th, 5th place etc… you should know by now.

1st: TheHY [CH/KE/YA/TW] +10 Points
2nd: BillyKane [AL/KE/YU] +7 Points
3rd: Hani[RE], The Prince [IB/HU/UR] + 5 Points

Congratulations to Hani for doing so well, and with Remy too. He deserves that 3rd place. But I think it’s BS that The Chef and yourself do not play 3S. You’ve been coming to every RB and learn things each time, even the French have commented that you two have got better. Don’t try to underate yourself to make yourself look good. However, I do agree that in ‘general’ the UK level could be much better, but that’s no escuse to berate your own players like that.

I know you’re a very nice person IRL but I still can’t get round why you are such a dick online, posting the shittest of shit. And finally, I don’t think many people care about the results of our RB on this forum.


Yo wassup, just read this cause I’m staying at TheHY’s.

Anyway, I agree with everything he posted, and I find it a bit weird that you would call UK players shit like that because I think some are actually pretty good. Everyone -including me- was trying to get used to the machine and the sticks, it’s nothing like Dreamcast (it’s better =D).

The Austrian players were extremely friendly and I thought Dark Star’s Akuma was pretty solid, so yeah, they’re not ‘bums’ and I hope they come back next time. They both had to play the UK’s top seeds first round. Abhi was also real cool IRL.

And about the sticks, yeah, I also played shit in the finals but that’s no excuse for anyone, TheHY deserved to take it.

39 win streak? Haha, yeah, sure. And Hani’s Remy was pretty amazing, but a 20 win streak? You need to learn how to count boy, it was more like 4 or 5 max. He knows how to play 3s, you can tell by the stuff he was doing. This is just like when you claimed you got 15 wins on everyone at UK vs France in December (haha).

Take care, see you all tomorrow. SB’s gonna rock.


TheHY, chunkis was clearly joking when he said that billykane got owned up.Chunkis:Everytime billykane came to the machine he was racking up wins of 20+ with yun,ken,chun li and alex. what?.
And what he said about uk players using japanese style sticks???

The dreamcast,namco and sc2 stick are all japanese,Every player in uk I know has one. Chunkis calls everybody bums:lol:. You know how he goes on. And chunkis did get 39 wins me and chef saw him he took over from hkc after 20 somthing wins, But before that thay where tag teaming everybody while the tournament was going on maybe thats the reson you did not see them racking up the wins.



I’ve never played this game before in my life!!! :lol:

Seriously though, chunkis needs to stop faking results.

And the player hating is not warranted… although we know chunkis ain’t likely to stop anytime soon _

Hani did do very well. I saw him get at least 13 wins at one point, albeit on freeplay.
If chunkis means 20+ wins in total (not in one streak), then that’s true.

As for chunkis’ win streak… chunkis took over after 30 wins. When I was watching, HKC was doing all the work, lol

As for sticks, most people were NOT used to the sticks. I admit I play Dreamcast and Namco sticks. But it is taking me a while to get used to VS city sticks, which are similar but not exactly the same. I’m sure most ppl will be used to them by next time.

3 of the 4 sticks were fine. However the one in the corner was unacceptable. Quarter circle motions were very hard. I’m guessing the switches need replacing maybe?
Myself and a few others avoided playing on it. Hope it gets fixed by next time… it seems a waste of one machine right now.

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)


Yeh boy billykane got bruck up.Your all fuckin bums and you knows it. Nobody in uk is good. If only gamezone heads would turn up u all would get brucked.


fucking hell, if you keep chatting this shit then ur just gonna put players off.:mad:


later bums.

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Im in england and I wanna meet with some of you kats. Someone either email me or AIM me or suttin. I will check back here soon too. Someone lemme know wassup.


God Bless srk. Now this is why I signed up, Xeraik where in uk do you live. Head over to thats the uk site for streetfigter. Post where your from ect. Am sure sombody will point you in the right direction. Or You can also go to follow the instructions and log into # cornertrap. Most of the uk players that have access to the internet chat here…see you soon.

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New to SF
New to SF

Hey Billy Kane, didn’t know Darkstar was in UK!

Did you guys talk? Did he mention me?

@ chunkis

I can vouch for him and his buddy Izumi, I believe the best players over there in Austria.
Considering that Austria is pretty far away and isolated from Paris or London (THE Meccas for Beat em ups), I believe they made good progress in the game.

I mean, for crying out loud, first time I played in a tournament there, I was ruling everybody. Sometimes close though but still…

And I had never even played SF3 in my entire life up to that point and was just flaming the game on everything (stupid parry, stupid grab command, stupid etc. ).
All I had was my long experience with fighting games, Billy Kane’s Chun Li guide on Gamefaqs I read a long time ago and Chun Li.

That what it took for me to win since their poking games were very poor and their mix up was limited. Plus unlike other players I hardly jumped but was zoning them effectively.

But since then, they have progressed in their gameplay. Sure, they are still behind and their lack of good competition hurts.

I think you ought to give him mad props for coming from so far for the sake of competing with other players and learn.

And don’t forget, their English may not be that good and could thus interpret your “bum” comment as an insult.
OK, maybe you forgot adding a smilie next to it, I wouldn’t know. But done is done.

So consider what I’m trying to say. Not everybody is fortunate to have good comp in their area. And some are really screwed, myself included since I can count on my one hand the folks against whom I got to put up a little effort.



Hey mike, I was also there =)
Have you made up your mind about Hamburg?

btw after reading this thread I feel like a crippled outcast.




I would love to play you guys someday. Maybe when I get time off I will fly over and ask for housing if someone can support a Humble 3S player from the East Coast.



Hey Mike, Dark Star didn’t mention you, I assume he didn’t know we knew each other.

Shinshay, that’d be really cool. I hope someone can house you if you do decide to fly over sometime.


Of course I wanna come. Down with the Union! Long live the Confederacy! God hates the Yanks, but he loves the South! And … woops, wrong country!

But anyway, down with the Northern Lights.

I all depends on Uncle Seth & acd, our “lucky” drivers.

Anyway, 4 of us in one car wanna come. acd, seth, glorious me :cool: , Taifun.

acd and seth may have a money issue, but I heard Taifun is hell bend on going to Hamburg (maybe he also wants to check out the Reeperbahn:p ) and is willing to pay acds share of the costs.

Most likely 2 weeks before Tourny we’ll known if yes or no go.

Havn’t even asked for vacation leave yet since you never know what’ll happen.