UK 3s Ranking Battle No. 10 - 16th April Results

UK 3s Ranking Battle No. 10 - 16th April Results + vidz!

GGM’s post from RBUK-
Sorry for the delay but here we go:

  1. Raju (Urien)
  2. The Prince (Hugo)
  3. HarmoNaz (Akuma)
  4. Chunkis (Ken)

The Final
The Prince 1 - Raju 3

Chunkis 0 - 2 HarmoNaz

The Prince 2 - 0 Chunkis
Raju 2 - 1 HarmoNaz

Vince (Yun) 1 - 2 Chunkis
The Prince (Urien / Ken) 2 - 0 Richard (Hugo)
Raju 2 - 0 El Carpeto (Oro)
The Chef (Ryu SA2) 0 - 2 HarmoNaz

No Team Tournament Today, I am really sorry about that, there were 29 people, the place was rammed and one PS2 went missing. I will have a word with the Prince to see if maybe we can open doors a little bit longer next time to say sorry.

Group 1 Standings

  1. “Viscious” Vince (man was running things)
  2. El “Skank Mode” Carpeto
  3. Don Joff (Q / Urien)
  4. “I can do Aegis Reflector Combos with Yun” aka Phix (Yun / Urien)
  5. Chad (Makoto)
  6. Golden Gunman (Dudley)
  7. Mongboy (ALex / Chun Li)

Chad, Phix and GGM tied for 4th, GGM forfeits his position, Phix beat Chad to take 4th.

Group 2

  1. “My Urien is dry but effective” Raju
  2. “World’s No.1 trash talker” Chunkis
  3. XT Mercenary (Denjin Ryu)
  4. Tope (Q)
  5. Richie (Ken)
  6. Lost in Silence (Ryu)
  7. Demon Dash (Makoto?)

Group 3

  1. The Prince
  2. “Dead Man inc. - blaytant” Chef
  3. Kahikusu (Chun Li)
  4. Malaci (Urien)
  5. Desk (Oro / Elena / Hugo)
  6. Jim Miles (Urien)
  7. Exo Skeleton (Urien)

Group 4

  1. Harmo " I can run groups but can’t be arsed to actually win the RB" Naz
  2. “ST Master” Richard
  3. Bass " The People’s Champion" Ventura (Ken)
  4. “Nottingham’s 2nd best 3S player” Willei
  5. Kim1 (Dudley)
  6. Waqs (Ken)
  7. Burkan
  8. Mike Owned (Dudley)
  • Bass Ventura was one game away from qualifiying boy! Next time buddy!

Thanks to everyone for attending especially all the northerners and the 2 french players.
And thanks to Hatim and GGM for another great tourney.
Thanks to Naz for compiling the footage and to Hatim, Chef and Bass for recording.

Footage of the Knockout stages will be up soon, and also a full report so just stay tuned to

See you all next time, take care!:wink:

EDIT: ok thanks to Naz some vidz are already up:
its the first 3 files, but if this site is too slow, then try these links for the same videos:

I believe that the rest of the vidz are currently being uploaded to so if your reading this it may already be up. However if your finding that filefront is being too slow then these vids will probs be up soon on handvseye and ezone online, when/if they do go up on those sites, I will link you in due time.

The report of the RB is also up, check out:

Oh, man. I wish i had seen this thread earlier. Maybe the vids wouldn’t have expired.

Definately dig the website. Suprised nobody’s posted on this thread. I’ve seen you UK players before and you guys are pretty good.

Probably cause FR9 is going on.