UK 3S Ranking Battle No. 6 Results

The Final
Raju (Urien) 3 - 1 HKC (Yun)

Raju 2 - 0 Peaceman (Ken)
HKC 2 - 1 Vince (Yun)

Quarter Finals
The Prince (Urien) 0 - 2 HKC
Sean (Ken) 1 - 2 Peaceman
Vince 2 - 0 Desk (Oro)
Raju 2 - 1 Dukus (Ken)

Full results and a report can be found here:
Big shout outs to everyone who turned up, especially those who came from far, desk, edie, demon dash etc. Well done to all the qualifiers and also to the winning team in the team tourney!

We would like to apologise for all the delays and the general late start time of the RB, we insure you all it wont happen again. Sean and Peaceman I was only joking on the commentary when I said ‘they both think they are daigo!’ infact anytime you hear me say something silly it means am joking:wgrin:

Still I hope you all enjoyed the RB. The turn out wasnt as good this time round but we have a few tactics up our sleave to get a better turn out for the next one and hopefully it will work. Some vidz of the tourney are already available here: Its just the first 4 large .wmv files that are from the RB. More to follow hopefully. But also bear in mind that although the files are huge the reason they are so short is because when they were re-encoded the have been compressed from files as large as 300mb, and if they are compressed to anything smaller then the footage quality wont be as good, but the rest of the footage will be also be re-encoded and available for download hopefully by next week. We had a lot of trouble with the camera so some matches get cut off unfortunately and the commentary isnt as clear sometimes and some matches were not recorded. We do apologise for this.

Just a quick reminder that the next 3s RB will be mid january after the christmas and new year brake. It will be announced in due time.

Until then keep gaming and keep safe, best wishes. Peace.

P.S. Naz and Dukus a session straight after the tourney? ADDICTZZZ!!! lol. :rofl:

UPDATE: Hey guys, Hatim has put up more of the vidz, more compressed this time round, they can be found here:

And the rest of the vidz will be up pretty soon.
I just wanna also thank Hatim and GGM for providing us with these vidz.
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vids!

ill be watching these later thanks!