UK 3s Ranking battle results

First of all I would like to thank everybody who came down, and of course the host The Prince for organising one of the best ranking battle events held out side of the arcade, well done to hime and to everybody that turned up.

1st Peaceman Ken/Necro
2nd Damien Bon / Q
3rd Raju Urien
4th Chunkis Ken/sean/yun

5th tie The chef / Ryu
5th tie The prince / Urien
5th tie Naz Akuma
5th tie Dukus ken

Semi final Raju vs Damien 1-2

Semi final Chunkis vs peaceman 0-2

fight for 3rd

Chunkis vs raju 1-2


Peaceman vs damien 3-2

After having a discussion on irc about the lag issues with the monitors, i think the only option is to have tvs next time.

I am willing to donate 2 tvs to the next rb.

I don`t know about you guys but there was lag on all the machines, only 1 set up was acceptable…but only just. I had lots of problems, forget about hit confirming anything unless it was something stupidly easy like c mp with ken or low mk with chun li.

I know the place is small but am sure we can work something out with tvs.

what did everybody else think about the lag issues?

Actually that was my adapter I bought in.

Hori Upscan Converter from, it cost me about 50 inc. delivery. Works on PS2 and XBOX.

Yeh, I only started to realise there was a video lag problem after getting a rather pissed about my bad execution that day.


(Luckily they’re stated, Out of Stock … good riddance)

Great session yesterday. Thanks to Haatim and all the peeps who helped him out. The back to back screens and that projector screen setup were just boom :tup:

Though the place appeared quite small, space seemed to work out fine in the end. For the whole time I was there, I didn’t actually spend much time standing :rofl:

If thats going to be the venue for the RBs, will it just be a case of getting a bunch of those Hori VGA boxes? I can’t see how we can have 4 tvs going at the same time since people will have to sit next to each other rather than opposite. 4 VGA boxes would be about 200 according to Vince - but I’m sure the Prince can afford that :bgrin:

Maybe we should start spreading the word about the next RB asap. A lot of good players from shoryuken wanted to come down but couldnt due to lack of notice - a week even wasn’t enough notice for some people - which is fair enough since many people plan their much needed weekends quite far ahead. I asked Daigo to come round, but he said the walk was too long :lame:

Also a big thanks to the newsagents a few doors down who let some of us use their toilet :rofl:

I’m looking forward to the next one. Its amazing how much one can learn from playing (or even watching) so many experienced and talented players.

Excellent RB, I just firstly wanna thank Hatim for all his hard work in getting the venue and setting everything up in such a boom way (especially near the end, with that projector screen proper evo style!). Also thanks to all who helped out on the day, Rule, Vince, Gunman, Jason, Bass, Chef(for capping all the matches for KO stage onwards) and anyone else that I have fogotten to thank, and most importantly thanks to all the players that turned up to make it such a great day + the turnout was alot better than the last RB. Also well done to Peaceman for becoming the new champion and to Damien for reaching a final in his first 3s tourney (tho it was no suprise cause he rocks with Q, rags that match with hatim was TOO close!) I cant wait for the next RB! :tup:

Yes lag was an issue but this will be sorted for the next RB I can assure you all, either we will use the other vga that had almost 0% lag or we will use TV’s, its up to Hatim at the end of the day. We will also try to do something about the space.

Be sure to check out which will be updated by gunman shortly with full results and a report hopefully.

Look out for the videos soon, chef will get them up on vosors hand vs the eye website asap I hope.

The next RB will be Sunday 2nd October, more details to follow. See you all soon, until then keep practising hard.

My post from the other thread. Assume I haven’t read this thread yet.

Thanks for coming down everyone.
Special thanks to (in alphabetical order)
Jason (J’)

for helping out, Raju and Rule did an excellent job with the group organisation. Vince used his technical expertise to convert a black and white set up into colour, GGM stayed late afterwards to help out and Jay stayed till midnight! I’m really tired now, so forgive me if I missed someone out.

What I relly want to say though is, sorry about the input lag experienced during the tourney, a lesson has been learnt and even though a lot of money was spent on that equipment, you guys came from far and also spent money too. We’ll scrap those VGA boxes and have the next one with the other VGA box that you guys said does not have any lag at all or use TVs.

If I’ve complained about a tourney in the past well, now I know what’s involved in running one, I probably won’t complain in the future!

Thanks again, and see you all again on Sunday 2nd October, that’s the date of the next 3S RB, Gunman I hope will be updating the scores, based on the last post from Raju about the scoring system.

PS: There were 3 different types of VGA box at the event.

Vince’s one with little lag
The XGA box, with BARE lag.
And the final TV combo box I brought out at the end with in my opinion and many others’ NO LAG. And that’s the one we’ll use next RB. We wanna get this right. But experimentation is needed, let’s go with the 3rd VGA box for the next sionce we already have all the flat screens.

PS2: Just kidding.

XBOX: LOL, sorry. is updated. Will update the full leaderboard shortly, but I need to know how the points are affected when adjusting the first RB results. For example, some groups had three players. Does this mean the 3rd place player got 3 points still? Raju or Prince let me know.

Big up to Hatim again for the whole day. It was excellent.

Thanks GGM.

Simply put, in the first RB, in a group of 4, points are like this:

1st 3
2nd 2
3rd 1
4th 0

In a group of 3:

1st 3
2nd 2
3rd 1

The rule is, 1st place in each group gets n points where n = size of the smallest group in that RB. 2nd place gets n-1, 3rd n-2 and so on.
Our reasing was that someone in a group of 4 gets more chances/matches to score points, so shouldn’t be pitied if they come last :slight_smile:

Lol. Gotcha hatim, I will update it as soon as I can.

Does this no-lag adapter have s-video support? If so, that would improve the video display quite a bit. Composite input looks pretty fuzzy tbh.

Btw, the Hori Upscan converter supports Component (YPrPb) input. This is why the picture quality is much sharper and stable. It also contains inputs for upscanning composite and s-video inputs too.

I don’t think it has s-video :frowning:

I don’t know what everyone else thinks, maybe we should get a vote, but my vote goes to no lag and a little bit of minor fuzziness.

The Hori Upscan converter still had lag and I was just as uncomfortable on it as I was on the XGA boxes unfortunately.

Either that or random sized and coloured TVs, 2 people per screen with your opponent watching your hands or listening out for some frantic clicking ‘super art’ command inputs. I think let’s try this other vga box first.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

How often are you holding the tournys? And where?

Demon Dash: The tourney is going to be held every 3 weeks. It is held in an internet cafe in London, Victoria.

Hopefully there will also be a flyer for the next RB, I think it would be cool because that way we can get some troc regulars and others who dont use the internet to come without having to explain everything x n to them lol.


Nice RB Hatim. Really enjoyed it and was very impressed with the set up. Don’t worry about the lag thing, always bound to be a few challenges the first time you do these things. We had some good casuals fella, I know you want some revenge so will make sure I rock up for the next one!

It was also good to meet and play a lot of the London players, Dukus, Chunkis, Jason, HKC, Vince, even if it was mainly in casuals. Will try and work on my game for the next RB and make it out of the damn group stage!

Great atmosphere and a good bunch of fellas. Look forward to seeing you all again in 3 weeks time :tup:

Big up all that helped and attended esp the Prince for his talent on the mike lol.

Edi if you get a chance try and pass down for a casual day of gamin, if not I wouldnt mind takin a day trip to Brighton for some 3s, I’m sure Naz will be up for it, possibly GGM too (I’m not sure if he has every Sunday off or not), I wanna play some more of your Remy, any way dude chat soon. P

hey congratulations everyone who participated :smiley:

Gunman: Results look excellent, nice one. I’m looking to climb that leaderboard blood. Also thanks for changing the background colour, it’s much easier to read now.

Chef: Excellent quality footage. I think your camera + projector screen = blaytant.

Hey Eddieman sorry I couldnt play vs you on the day I was too busy to get any causal games in but I will deffo play you next time you have improved a lot since last time and that remy of yours was impressive :slight_smile:

Big up to Hatim , Raju , Rule ,Gunman and every one else involved in the running of the RB was a great laugh , and great fun playin so many good players cant wait till the next one now :clap: (me runs off to practice more )

Thanks fella. I’ll probably keep it to Remy, Urien and Ryu and train up on them for now. We’ll get the chance to play at the next RB for sure. :karate: