UK 3s Ranking battle results

Izu is back…

Chunkis, I remember us all getting battered by the Japanese, and you were the only one that could beat them. Please save us this time too if you can. I’ll be there with a camera to tape all your matches so we can learn something from them afterwards.

Thanks Chunkis :slight_smile: we love you.

LOL, is it me or is there love in the air?

where is sir ryan hart? his purp ken is a god damn beast

Vidz of the RB are now up, get em’ here:

Thanks to chef for capping it all and vosor for uploading.

I’ve got the opertunity to go down to london some time soon, so I’ll definatly be checking it out. Although I’m a little out of practice due to no comp and hand bone snappage, but I’ll come along one time anyways, hell it’ll be fun. Wont be the next one, but should be withing the next couple of months.

Shame we didn’t get in better contact when you where up here raju_, mabe get some games in when I come down. Might be in a month or so, but we’ll see what happens. I’ll definatly be checking the troc out. I’ll probably be a troc hermit to tell you the truth, lol.

Edit: If you need extra hands when I’m down I’ll be more than happy to help out.

Demon Dash, The more the merrier man. Hope to see you soon at an RB man.

Cool. Will you be hosting any other games for tounament play in the future like #R anything? Or is it solely the 3s comunity?

We could try #R.

#r hardly has any players unfortunately, I dont think the turn out would be too good.

p.s. dont forget people now has forums so sign up and have fun! :karate:

We could give #R a chance.
e.g. if at least 12 or 15 dedicated #R players come forward and promise to attend, then it’s all about a one-off #R rb to see how it goes. How about it?

Same goes for VF. Although it doesn’t seem like anyone plays VF anymore, it might still be ok.

I would have said the same for A3, but everyone hates console version of A3.

I would definatly enter and play it there if it was on at the time I was down, being the reason I asked actually. I love #R almost as much as 3S, it’s probably my second best game.

Like I mentioned though I need to wait till my hand has healed and the cast is off before I can even think about playing. Only be a few weeks like, but I’ll have to get back into practice. I’m also hoping to get a stick from finkle before I come down, otherwise it’ll be the good old SFAE pad(I actualy find them better for #R than SF). I also might need to import a copy of 3S on the ps2 to ajust to the different timings. I get handycapped at my mates all the time on his XBOX because of it. DC sucks.

Apart from that I only need to orginise a time to go down with my auntie and uncle, they said anytime I want so it will be on the time of a future RB. They live in london so…I should be down for a few days, mabe more so I’ll probably be around the troc too for some casuals.

get ready for today’s RB

And also a massive birthday shout to Damion