UK art prints?

Hi, I was wondering where UK players get their art covers printed out.
I want a laminated sticker probably, and not plexi.
Also does anyone know what 0.110 and 0.187 quick disconnects are called in the UK and where to buy?

This is the Cowboy Bebop mod I’m working on.

They are called Crimp Terminals here. The size you want should be 2.8mm for the button connectors, and 4.8mm for the stick pins, if I recall correctly.

I’m interested in the answer to the art question too. I’ve got a staples near me, and I know they do prints but I’m not sure what quality/kind they do, or prices.

Thanks, I’ll know what to ask for in electronics stores at least.
Hopefully someone on here will have found a good uk printer.

Seriously? Has no one from the UK done any printing? I wish we had lami labels :frowning:

i got some stickers for my car from this guy, called martin, he’s really helpful and i think he’ll do pretty much any image on a vinyl sticker, does gel coated vinyl too. Think he has a plotter machine to do cut outs aswell. Prices weren’t too bad either, could be worth you dropping him an email :smile:
hope it helps

PM heading your way

replied to your pm, sorry i forgot to put a link to his website on the other post! i had it open in another tab and just forgot to link it :slight_smile:

I searched all over and couldn’t find anything reasonably priced.
I eventually just did a colour laser print, laminated it at work on one of those cheap Argos-looking laminators, though I’m sure your local Staples or something will do it for cheap, then I just used regular branded double sided sellotape on the back to stick it to the plate. I just made sure each strip of the tape was all lined up nice and flush. It’s pretty strong, even on the shiny back of the laminated sheet, it didn’t lift at all and because the laminate is pretty thick you don’t see any bumps from the tape or screws.
Pretty ghetto method but it turned out okay really.

Can you laminate after cutting the holes? or before?
I think your way is definately worth a try.
This guy said he could do vinyl for 9 delivered which seems good, but I’ll try with paper first.

I laminated it before. The laminate sticks to the whole thing so it’s fine to cut. I stuck the whole A4 sheet to the panel, then just cut around the metal panel using it like a metal ruler. You could cut the whole thing out first but it would be less forgiving when lining it up to stick down.

Definately trying this, thanks.
I’ll make a worklog thread for the whole mod when I get my gear together, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the link. I’ve just sent my artwork to Martin and it’s 14.90 for an A2 print on vinyl (including postage). Seems reasonable to me!

I finally managed to get a lami label done.
It was in an indepedant print shop in leicester called Copy Right.
It only cost 2.00