UK based stick builder


OK all the custom arcade stick builders in the trading outlet dont post to the UK.

Does anyone know an outlet or person who builds custom sticks in the UK? I dont have the time/skill to build my own and the Mad Katz release date keeps getting pushed back.

Ive tried searching this forum but couldn’t find anything hence the creation of this thread.

Im looking for a custom wired xbox 360 stick with Sanwa parts



I just saw a url today:

They don’t have any pics up on their site, but they’re here on SRK. Dude’s name is Durkoi.


Thanks scuz, wish that came up when I googled for “custom arcade sticks uk” LOL

Im gonna PM/Email him and see whats what. 150 for Sanwa based stick seems fine with me, beats waiting months for inferior Mad Katz ones