UK/Euro SSF4 PSN Players... :)


looking to have some regular matches with some skilled uk/euro players as my friends offline are really bad and not much fun to play against

i mainly play with cody, bison and guile but mess around with others too
i am mediumish skilled i guess, can do things like fadc and a few link combos but dont have a clue about things like plinking and double tapping or option selects but i guess these will come with time/practice

my psn id is: scandalouz
i play most weekday evenings :slight_smile:


Im not very good but I try to become better :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone willing to face me would be welcomed with open arms, especially if you concider yourself deacent or better.
Psn: Fredric85

Feel free to add me if yu want some juri experiance. Im also starting out with adon so could use the practice with him.

excellent - thanks, will add you both. will be good to get some juri experience :slight_smile:

Any other UK players up for some games? Most of the dudes I play from here are in the States = connection complaints

thanks to all the people who had added me, have had some good games

Feel free to add me, DonkeyKnifer on PSN. Right now I play mostly Guile, Rufus and Seth

Hey guys, feel free to add me if u want, i could do with some people to practice with. Only been playing SF4 & SSF4 for a few months, on and off. But got back into it now and trying to get better. I play ibuki and dudley, im just tryin to concentrate on them for now until i get better. So add me please because all my friends are all cod or fifa addicts lol so i have no one to practice with!!

I’ll add you when I get online

Feel free to add me I main honda and i consider myself to be quite decent with him.

Psn Joeone88

PSN : SilverwingsX2
Main: Chun, Ken, Blanka
Location: Germany
feel free to add me

PSN ChronicDynasty

MrRottenTreats is mine. Think I’ve played the OP one or two times

I’m willing but I don’t fit the skilled requirement.

PSN: awesome-pirate
Skill: Fluctuates between 2000PP and 3000PP
Location: UK
Connection: 50MB wired B-)
Characters: Blanka (main), Guile, Balrog, Ryu, Ken, Bison, Juri

I’m usually on after 11pm GMT. If anyone wants a fight then email me on and it will send straight to my Blackberry and I’ll come on if I’m not already.

PSN: KaosMIDIProphet
Location: UK
Characters: Dudley, Abel, Cody (Use more characters but those 3 are probably my ‘mains’)

Have no fixed time I’ll just be on if I feel like playing at any time. Anyone feel free to add me.

Also, Awesome-pirate, I’m sure I’ve ran into you a few times online, I might be wrong but your name looks familiar.