UK Events and Tournaments (Constantly Updated)

Here i’ll list all the current events and tournaments happening in the UK!

Just Click on the revelant event your interested in to find out the full details.

16/09/07 - Hyper Street Fighter 2, Ranking Battle 4 at Casino Arcade (arcade)

16/09/07 - Street Fighter Alpha 3, Ranking Battle 3 at Casino Arcade (arcade)
16/09/07 - Capcom Vs Snk 2, Ranking Battle 2 at Casino Arcade (arcade)

21/09/07 - Tekken 5 DR, NEKO Ranking Battle 1 at Casino Arcade (arcade)
21/09/07 - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, NEKO (Neoempire Knock Out - 1 and off) Ranking Battle 8 (final Rb of the season) at Casino Arcade (arcade)
23/09/07 - Iron Man 2k7 - Winner Stays on Tournaments for 3S, A3 and CVS2 in Harrow, London (Console event)

TBA - RBUK Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 4.6

TBA - Genkai Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 1.7


30/09/07 - Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Ranking Battle 3 - Northwest Division (console)
07/10/07 - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 1 - NorthWest Division (console)


Updated with 1st NEKO T5DR ranking Battle. Check 1st post to find link for full details.

Updated with final NEKO 3s rb of the season

I’ll be out in London this weekend, hope to play with some of you guys.

casino was good. where’s this other place that people play at? any mvc2?