UK Events and Tournaments (Constantly Updated)

Here i’ll list all the current events and tournaments happening in the UK!

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21/09/07 - Tekken 5 DR, NEKO Ranking Battle 1 at Casino Arcade (arcade)
21/09/07 - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, NEKO (Neoempire Knock Out - 1 and off) Ranking Battle 8 (final Rb of the season) at Casino Arcade (arcade)
23/09/07 - Iron Man 2k7 - Winner Stays on Tournaments for 3S, A3 and CVS2 in Harrow, London (Console event)

TBA - RBUK Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 4.6

TBA - Genkai Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 1.7


30/09/07 - Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Ranking Battle 3 - Northwest Division (console)
07/10/07 - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Ranking Battle 1 - NorthWest Division (console) presents another console fighting event

IRON MAN - Winner Stays on Tournament

The Games
**Capcom vs SNK 2
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3 **

The Date

The Time
12pm - 10pm

The Venue
Yates’s Harrow (London) is the UK’s Leading Tournament organisers and we are looking for more young fighters. Our latest event is 3 winner stays on tournaments.

The top players receive a cash prize and awarded the IRON MAN NEOEMPIRE TITLE.


If you don’t want to play in the tournament we have loads of PS2s, PS3s and Neo Geo’s setup for casual gaming all day including:

KOF 2002

  • MORE**

pumps and a bump

r3ko, Capcom vs SNK 2 is on the second ranking battle, not the third… the date is September 16th. You should know man, I’ve put your name down for it lol

lol, whoops. Sorted, thanks.

OMG there are actually some UK heads still on this forum (even tho we are all on NE)!!

This isn’t exactly going well, 5 posts but only 6 views. I posted the exact same message in the world matchmaking board and its had no replies and only 1 view (probably from me). There loads of UK players here on srk, they just don’t look on the tournaments and matchmaking board.

I contacted mr.wizard awhile back to see if we could somehow contact all the UK based members here on the site, but i was ignored. No love for UK on srk.


Updated with 1st NEKO T5DR ranking Battle. Check 1st post to find link for full details.

Updated with Final NEKO 3s RB of the season.

iron man should be fun. I’ll be there.

The ranking battles were great yesterday, heres the final results

Results of Ranking battles held at Casino Arcade - 16/09/07

Hyper Street Fighter 2 RB4
1st. RandomHajile
2nd. IMX
3rd. Geejay
4th. Zakuta
5th. Kjarkis
5th. Chunkis
5th. STED
5th. Robocop

Street Fighter Alpha 3 RB3
1st Victor “The worst alpha 3 player thats ever played in casino” A-Ryu
2nd Geejay A/V-Akuma/A-Gen
3rd Middlekick V-cammy/V-cody
4th Cobra Commander A-Ken
5th Lebowski"mullins A-Mika/A-sakura
6th Wazeem A-blanka
7th Johnahan" whois boxer" A-Ryu
8th chunkis V-Akuma

Capcom Vs SNK 2 RB2
1st. Eugene (A-Vega/Rolento/M.Bison)
2nd. PrivateRyan (A-Mai/Ken/Eagle)
3rd. Wazeem (C-Zangief/Dhalsim/Blanka)
4th. Sendo (N-Iori/Chun)

Eugene beats PrivateRyan 2-1

PrivateRyan beats Wazeem
Eugene beats Sendo

PrivateRyan beats Dirty Harry
Wazeem beats Chad
Sendo beats Richie
Eugene beats Medic