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Hey everyone! Tsuduha Studios is a indie games company that me and a few friends run, and we also run regular fighting games events in the Yorkshire area, we recently helped organise and run the Yorkshire Carnage event on the 4th Febuary which was in the National Media Museum in Bradford. If anyone is in the Yorkshire area and wants to check out some of our events like this in the near future we will post here and on our facebook page which is…

Yorkshire Carnage Video -

We generally run our events in Huddersfield, or Bradford right now but if we can find a decent venue expecting a decent turnout we will run more events around and possibly outside Yorkshire in the future.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask! :slight_smile:


Potentially do one in York city?

I know of about 20 people here who play, but aren’t co-ordinated enough to organize a tourny themselves.


Its possible yes :slight_smile: we do know a few other people in york asking for this to, were looking to set something up after the release of SFxT. You can follow us on facebook at which is our page for games design and for running our fighting game events.



I was born in Yorkshire. Live in Cambridgeshire now though. Shame, I’d have loved to have taken part.
Good luck and everything! It’s cool to hear about stuff happening in the UK.
Nice montage too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey sorry for the slow reply been busy with work and watching cross assault! I’m actually in Kettering / Peterborough right now before i go back to university, we are aiming to get some network connection going at our venues and having some endless lobbys on the go as well for games like marvel, AE and hopefully if it supports it SFxT when it comes out so can allways tune in on that, were working on streaming as well. For our bigger events you could allways train up we had a fair few people from all over for Yorkshire Carnage!


Yooo, I go to college in Peterborough. Haha.

Well good luck with everything. If you are doing anything around Peterborough, could you write about it here? I’d go for sure.
I play AE and UMvC3 (no good at it yet) atm, so yeah. :slight_smile: I’ll bring my PS3 down and my games too if it helps. Also, some endless lobbies with decent internet connection would be good.


I’m ready to fight anywhere in Yorkshire, major lack of anything around here. Couldn’t make it to the event you guys did in Bradford Media Centre which I’m gutted about, do more! :smiley:



Heya mate! we are in the works of looking for a venue for our next tournament so we are hoping to have some news real soon! its hard looking for stuff like funding and console rental with everything we need unless we ask people to bring their own which doesnt usually end well for us haha :confused: Stay tuned for updates mates, if you’re looking for a few games casually we have loads of gamers in Huddersfield that play you’re more than welcome to pop down and join us for a session if you wanted before a tournament :).


Safe man, this sounds good! I live in Leeds so its quite easy to get over there, I have 2 PS3’s and 2 Sticks which I would be willing to bring along with me next time. Well I can guarantee one of the PS3’s and the sticks because they are mine the others are my housemates but I’m pretty sure he won’t mind. Make sure to keep me posted on the next tourney. Im craving competition :slight_smile: