UK Gen Players

Hey guys, great job with this board, finding EVERYTHING extremely helpful. Been playing Gen about 3 days, following suit from seeing Xian use him at CC.

I’d like to have some lobby’s against any of you guys preferably players from the UK but I know good Gen players are few and far between so I’ll accept anywhere in the world.

My Gamertag is Tseng808

Cheers guys

hey mate, im a fellow UK gen player. Been playing him since the end of vanilla :slight_smile: … i’ll add you when im next online.

Its always good to see more Gen players.

I hope Xian brings more players to the most wonderful character of this game :wink: welcome!

I’m a UK player too, feel free to add me! Tag’s Bono93.
It’s nice how Gen actually looks interesting enough to other people to make them want to play him. :smiley:

Still need to add you Bono, not sure if I’ve got space on my friends list but I’ll clear some out.

Not sure where to put this but I’m struggling with clp , clp , TC2 into gekiro. Struggling to get the link to that s.hp from the c.lp It’s really annoying, am I best plinking it? help!

Practice, plink ¯(o_o)/¯

Or use alternative hit confirms.

Where abouts do you guys live?

Middlesbrough here

County Durham, which is just outside of Newcastle. Not too far! You should come up to locals sometime!