UK heads at EVO now - HELP!

Hi guys,

This is Harmonaz, Zak and Pedram.

We’ve just checked in to the Tropicana.

We can’t hook anything into our tv, so we can’t play.

We’re in room 1059. We really want to play or meet up with some people - at the moment we have no idea what to do…

If someone could post here or even get in touch with us somehow, we would be most grateful :tup:

Well whats the problem? why cant you hook anything up to the tv? what cables are you using? what system? component cables? composite? RF switch? detaiils.

That thread has a bunch of contact info for people looking to get some games in at the Tropicana.

Yo guys, I tried contacting your room through Tropicana but I couldn’t get through without the last name it’s registered under. Please PM me with it and I’ll get back in touch with you guys. BTW, what games do you guys play, I’m in the area and wanna get some games in tonight if you guys are down :wgrin:.

-Tha Hindu

In case anyone sees this now - please try and find us in room 1059 or 1068 - We’ve got the top Japanese and UK players desperate to play some games - we cant setup our ps2 on the TVs cos we dont have an RF cable.

Go out and buy one.

Hey, is Hart in the same room with you guys by chance? If you need an adaptor, I may have one you can have. But I won’t be able to meet up till like 5 pm.

If you guys need it sooner then that, the fashion show mall on the strip has a GameStop and a radio shack (?), that may have one? But they’re now closed. (wtf is no one from vegas helping out)

Hi all,

For the BYOC do those TVs have regular composite or S-Video input?
So the TVs in the rooms only take RF. I’m bringing my Dreamcast with Super Turbo so I’ll need to find a RF adapter before I leave for Vegas in about 15 hours.
If anyone wants to play me in ST my cell number is 1-612-310-6019. I’ll be arriving at Tropicana around 11:45PM Thursday night.


Ok I just checked Gamestop in Minneapolis they said they don’t care any Dreamcast stuff anymore. Also tried Games N Go and they said the same thing.
I’ll keep looking.


Try eBay (local) or craigslist.

Ok I found one. Its a RF modular and they sell them at Radioshack. So you just plug in any composite (RCA) jacks to it and it changes it to RF which plugs into the TV. Sells for about $26.


It turns out that you can’t really unplug the coax cable from the hotel TV causes its protected by some guard piece. So if I want to connect my RF modulator I’ll have to break the guard piece and the hotel will most like consider that damage to the room. I guess we will not be playing our consoles in our rooms…


sup naz im in room 908

ill be paying yall a visit

I just called the Tropicana and the lady said they don’t allow for us to connect external devices to their TV system. So that’s that…


Yeah, it’s been stated they have guards on them. Only advice I can give for today is someone bring a TV (local or driving), go to a arcade, or head over to UNLVs student Union and use their TV in the arcade (open til 6 pm).

You can ask if they would remove the guard since your practicing for the upcoming Evo event, and they may send a tech. But doubtful.

edit- called them, talked to some guy named kim. He basically said, the guard cannot be removed under any circumstances. If the guard is removed, it’s a violation of casino policy, and the law may be involved.

cheerio, mate

just do what i did last year
take a cab to your local best buy or electronics retailer,
buy a 100 dollar tv set (20 inches or 21 whatever)
then at the end of the trip, just find someone on the street and give it away.

if you split it among like 5 people, it’s seriously like 30 bucks a person for 4 or 5 days of gaming (including tax and cab fare).


Or you can find a local Rent-A-Center. and rent a TV for 3 days.

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