Uk honda players



Are there any uk based honda players out there who woulnt mind getting some games in and helping me improove my own honda. I’m not a total noob with him but there are parts missing from my game particularly AA’s. If anyone wants to get some games in that would be great thanks oh and i play on xbox btw lol gt iNF4MOUS STEVO


I play on PS3 but if you need help with AA’s just practise using jab headbutt and EX headbutt, takes a bit of practice to get the timing but not too hard


I pm’ed my details to you mate.

Like Psyche said, jab HB and ex HB are Hondas go to AA’s. You do have to bear in mind though that lp HB starts up in 13 frames and ex HB starts up in 8 frames, so they are very susceptible to safe jumps. As such, you need to get a read your opponents jump patterns and control the air with nj HP as well AAing with head butts.

While LP and EX head butts do have startup invincibility, they also knock your opponent away from you, whereas njHP leaves you right next to them. The oki from that has won me so many games with Honda it’s untrue lol.