UK Introduces Pervert Registry Act

Game over man -

I in no way condone and nor am I for the distribution of violent porn, but why can’t we just ban kids from the internet till they turn 18 lol? It’s probably because of the internet this generation is so shitty, they just aren’t prepared for it.

With great internet access comes great responsibility.

Religion wins again.

Western Civilization loses.

And Japan continues to give zero fucks.

I am fucking glad that i don’t live on UK.

Imo, it seems that UK needs this guy

I think, in many ways, its good. The problem that today’s kids are going to have, is they have grown up with super user friendly apple products. Where is the challenge? I mean, I think we should give them all dos based machines to spite them, but at the very least, this will teach children critical thinking skills on how to subvert the blocker and find low resolution gifs of Angel Blade.

So…not all child porn images are banned?

You’re alive?

Anyway, the hell are you talking about? Japan has been imposing all kinds of Draconian child pornography laws gimping the anime industry. Its sad really. Not to mention their regular porn is ruined from the get go. They are still living in the dark ages.


I agree. Don’t they still censor the penis?

This can’t go wrong…

Countdown to all us UK members dissapearing from SRK because automated blocking shit picks up on a risqué avatar, (or if text is also tracked a Kromo or Million post) you know that shit will happen.

And that’s being charitable and assuming these wankers won’t abuse these powers to censor anything they don’t like, like hell I trust them with that when people are getting arrested for saying shit online these days.

Yes, all genitals. Sometimes the butthole even when its not being used sexually too. Criminal.

Cameron is just a dick who wants to take the public’s view away from the fact that he has cut funding to the program that goes after actual internet predators. The UK had tens of thousands of people access child pornography last year yet only arrested 192 of them, down from previous years.

It’s the feminists! They want our UK brothers beating it only to them! Fight the power! RUB ONE OUT EVERY MORNING!!!


If you want a Catholic Theocracy, Guy Fawkes is your man.

what about people from the UK that rent porn (do people still rent?), people who buy porn magazines, what about people who have film 1 and cable channels dedicated to porn? it would be funny if all these people would get put into some sort of database, having all their shit tracked.

next time police stop you and your with your gf/whife, ok, so youre the guy that likes viewing asian chicks getting fucked by black dicks. white couple in 40’s with whife looking reaaaal mad at husband, husband looking real awkward at the copper. maybe the husband can say, i was just imagening your pussy being tighter and my dick being bigger honey. otherwise i find it very hard to cum inside that huge vagina you got. whife gets flashbacks of all the black dicks she had before she got married, gets embarresed. copper ejeculating while viewing the couples video history.

ok, i got lost. its still probably good enough for a new hollywood movie script though, so it aint THAT bad. it makes more sense than a mb movie though.

p.s. if a kid is looking at porn at a young age, he/she does not do this kind of thing by accident. most of the people i know from my generation had seen porn around the age of 4/5. the older kids used to have magazines/movies. us younguns would check that shit out (yes, we knew where babies came from and didnt believe in santa, and we werent forced to check it out). i think kids nowadays even with internet get introduced to that shit way later. shit i remember porn magazines lying on the floor everywhere when i was a kid (was teens jerking off at night on the streets? i think they wa:sssss).

at the very least the internet has cleaned the streets of pornography so no child is exposed to it. now they actually need to surf the internet and find pornography themselves. there aint no og’s showing them whats what.

damn, got all nostalgic and shit. the 80’s were pretty crazy.

p.p.s. nobody here look at their older friends doing it with when they were younger. i remember we used to sneak around to check out some of our older friends and friends of our uncles etc when they scored a chick and went to do her secretly (we would follow them secretly). shit, sometimes we even got invited secretly without the girl knowing, hey yo, yall can check this shit out behind that window, but dont get busted cause my girl doesnt know im letting yall peep. ah, the good old days when young’uns got thought by actual professors. the neighbourhood pimps and playas guide to sex > what they thought you at school 6/7 years later.

Wow what the fuck.

Next, sex contracts and raising the driving age to 30.(I’m only half joking)


Though not like the US hasn’t had its own fair share of stupidity,

Nah for the driving age thing they’ll just make hazard perception test footage even more pixelated, got them fucking stealth tractors disguised as bushes.

Sad this news will be buried deep cause of the news of the royal baby for the next couple of weeks.

That guy sounds like one of those religious nuts who identify as Republicans in the USA. They pretend to be the moral authority on every situation, while at the same time being completely out of touch with reality.

My UK brethren, be strong. We gotta be strong.

If this was really about porn, there’s a lot of other ways they could have gone about this. I notice tv’s still untouched. You can actually see tits, nipples and all on Being Human, as well as full-body nude depictions of sex. Since no big uproar was made about that, I’m sure that kinda thing’s been going on for a while now.


England is more bitch made than France

Who would have thought the day a country more bitch made than France would exist.

I know, this shit is cray