UK Introduces Pervert Registry Act

the f*ck just happened

Wonder who she was fucking.

LOL, the fuck is that.

That baby be black.

Dale Gribble just called,

[details=Spoiler]It’s mine

[details=Spoiler]Not really


It’s fake :p[/details]


These people don’t even understand how the internet works.

Finally, today’s young teenagers can experience the time-honoured heterosexual bonding ritual of having to go over to a friend’s house to watch porn.

Is it, though?

Although I like and agree with this, I would never fap in a friend’s home in case they pull some weird shit like filming me in secret with hidden cams.

Just sayin’


So now a generation of boys will have to go to batman levels of resourcefulness to get fap material.

This is a MI6 recruitment effort I can promise you that.

Watching porn with friends is always awkward. At first you’re like, “Oh this makes me feel great!” and the next minute you’re going to be, “Shit, I hope no one sees my boner” and finally you’re going to ask yourself “Can I masturbate stealthily so no one will notice?”

And the always awkward guy in the back thinking, “That guy has a pretty nice cock.” DO NOT DO IT!



Germans and their one liners lol

But his face after it… That should be trollface 2.

I say good.

The internet is making us men too lazy and complacent. These days, the porn is practically thrown at our feet, available at all times. We no longer have to search tirelessly for Dat Ass, it is only a few clicks away. In short, we have lost our ninja edge. The very edge that promotes stealth like unto becoming like a living shadow. Now, the UK men will have a chance to learn the time honored skills and tactics that will serve them throughout their lives. Go forth, my UK brothers. Go forth and TAKE what is yours…Without leaving so much as a hint that you were ever there.


At least I have my hard drive.

Porn re-runs are like gameshow reruns. Once you’ve seen it a few times…

  • To become a secret agent, you must be intimately familiar with women’s underwear catalogues.

Japan and the UK are of the few countries who censor porn and expect users to pay for it…

Japan blurs all porn even animated genitals