UK, London Trocadero: 'Warriors Unite' tourney 3s results


‘Warriors Unite’- The road to Absolution took place on 20-21st December at London Trocadero, Funland. The 3s tourney format was groups (round robin) for the qualifiers, then Double Elimination knockouts for the finals.

The 3s results were: -

1st: Cuzco [Ken] (France)
2nd: TheHY [Chun Li/Dudley/Elena/Ken/Urien] (UK)
3rd: C IV [Chun Li] (UK)
4th: BillyKane [Alex/Yun] (France)
5th: Morning Call [Makoto] (UK)
5th: The Chef [Ryu] (UK)
7th: HKC [Alex/Ken] (UK)
7th: Chunkis [Ken] (UK)
9th: Arma [Makoto] (UK)
9th: Heat [Ken] (UK)
9th: Raju [Urien] (UK)
9th: Vince [Ken, Makoto, Yang, Yun] (UK)

Well done to everyone especially to TheHY for making it to the final and to Fabien (Cuzco) for playing Ken like a MONSTER and crushing all in his path. And special thanks to Ullysis for making this such a great event, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to everybody that took part with some tight matches to boot. Some videos will be online in January @
Keep your eyes peeled!

p.s. The Chef vs BillyKane, imo the most intense match of the tourney, too good! I hope they captured that one on video.

Can’t wait for April Absolution 04’.

peace. :smiley:


Full results for each game are here:

But since I’m here I might as well post top 4 results as well. Entrants are all from UK unless otherwise stated.

Tekken 4:

1st Shiba [Jin] (Spain)
2nd Ironmike [Jin] (UK… in fact UK T4 champion!)
3rd Sackey Annan “Super Sackey” [Steve][Nina] (UK)
4th Ryan Hart “Tsuujin” [Kazuya] (UK)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

1st Fabien Cazorla “Cuzco” [Ken] (France)
2nd Hon Yip “TheHY” [Chun Li/Dudley/Elena/Ken/Urien] (UK)
3rd Chu Chen “C IV” [Chun Li] (UK)
4th Nadir Sellam “BillyKane” [Alex/Yun] (France)

Soul Calibur 2

1st Eugene “Bladerunner” [Ivy] (Holland)
2nd “Der Richter” [Ivy] (UK)
3rd Dan Nelson “Zakuta Asura” [Seung Mina/Taki/Xianghua] (UK)
4th Waidat Chan “Waidat” [Xianghua] (UK)

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

1st Ryan Hart “Tsuujin” [Akira]
2nd Jun “Kola” [Wolf]
3rd Daisuke “Aborigine” [Jeffery]
4th Marc “Columbo Jack” [Jacky]

Pro Evolution Soccer 3

1st Timi "Trixi"
2nd Paul Wallace "Rago"
3rd Bade "Lethal B"
4th Femi Paul “femi”

I forgot the teams used, but there was a lot of France, lol

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)


next time, Stone Cold Steve Wilson will win:

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Congrats to everyone who placed there - lok forward to seeing vids mebbe if you have any.


your profile says you’re from England, why didn’t you make it to this tournament? They could’ve used your Akuma representation.

I might make it to the Absolution tourney (…April?), hope to see your Akuma skills there.


Hey J Blaze.

Was disappointed that you couldn’t make it. I was looking forward to meeting you but there will be Absolution in April. :slight_smile: