UK Ranking Battle #3 Results 02/10/05

I didn`t attend this ranking battle, but I just got the results in a text message.

1st Raju Urien sa3
2nd Hkc Yun sa3
3rd The chef Ryu sa2
4th Dukus Ken or Dudley

I spoke to raju on the phone just before the tournament and I predicted that he would win. Well done to him and to hatim for organising what looked to be another sucessful event. It`s been along time coming for raju after placing 3rd in the last 4 tournaments in a row.

Also the reason I couldnt make it today is because I had to help a friend sort out some stuff and just couldnt find the time to get down,next time.

Well done to everybody that took time out to come down, especially those that came from outside london.

See you all at the next ranking battle!

Nice one Chunkis. Thanks to everyone who turned up, and an even better turn out this time round, lets hope the numbers keep increasing.

Thanks to Hatim, Gunman, The Chef (for capping the matches once again), Bass and all the others for helping out.

See you all next time.:tup:

P.S. chef should get the vidz ready and up on vosors site shortly.

Good to see some new faces. :tup: My place in the single KO stage was pwned by HKC’s late minute appearence! :mad: Close games still. I just missed out by 2nd place in the groups losing 1 fight :shake:

Hopefully I’ll be kara-palming heads in the next RB :badboy:

Great day indeed. Even better turnout (number wise), plenty of new heads and some great games making for a really enjoyable RB. The main man Raju did really well co-ordinating and scoring matches. Although… dude you gotta shout louder and stamp your feet - “LAST CASUAL MATCHES PLEEEEEASE!!!” lol :clap:

Overall I did better this time round. Dukus was pretty much untouchable in our group, cutting his way through everyone without too much trouble. I managed to tie up with Chef for second place but he dusted me in that all important 1 match playoff to qualify. Ah well, doesn’t hurt to lose to someone like The Chef. :nunchuck:

Also, it was good to finally meet and put a face to Hon. We’ve had some chit chat on MSN but it’s always good to meet people in person. :karate:

Hope to see you all again at the next RB.


I remember reading somewhere that it was a new venue, so when we walked past the old venue we spent a short while wondering around before we realised that the old venue and the new venue were one and the same!

Putting our stupidity to one side, things were much better when we got inside. There was a decent chance to warm up, unlike at Neo Empire where people were hogging the machines a bit. Slightly late start aside, the whole event was really well organised, and everyone was nice and friendly.

Shame that with the group I’d drawn I didn’t have much hope of qualifying, even less so when HKC turned up! Good matches to all though, I wasn’t totally thrashed in any of them as least! Raju’s parrying skillz showed me up nicely when I went for a shameful cheese finish, a tactic that has stood me well in the past! :slight_smile:

I notice I’m at the bottom of the league table as well in the report. While it’s totally fitting to have Team Nottingham filling the bottom two rungs, I scored 2 points!

A really great experience overall, I’ll come to the next one as well if I can get a cheap train ticket again!

And Edieman! Good games as always, I can’t believe how evenly matched we are! Shame my Saturn Pad Hugo skills aren’t up to scratch. :clap:

Indeed. I’d like to play a longer set with you. The second time we played I was a little “relaxed” if you know what I’m saying. :wow:

Vidz are now up:

Thanks to chef and vosor, enjoy.