UK Ranking Battles starting September 7th

Casino arcade, London. Small chance it may get moved to Trocadero.

Hide behind your lag tricks, or come and see how you fare against the best 3s players in Europe.

If you still haven’t come to one of these, I strongly suggest you check it out. Great atmosphere, great people and nerve wrecking challenges.

You know you want to :arazz:

hmm its been a while maybe i should make a ninja appearence :woot:

Hi everyone that showed alot of interest…the replies have been immense…

I’m one of the organisors for this Ranking Battle, and I’m sorry to inform everyone here that it’s been cancelled due to technical problems.

I will post here if any good/bad news comes to my attention.

Appologies again to those who were looking forward to seeing me in action finally

Glad to announce all UK players and potentially overseas players that the RB is back on!!!

Same date, same place, same time!

Sorry for the very late announcement but I did decide this just today myself!

Hope everyone can make it!

i need to come to these
have not played in forever though

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