[UK] Revolution 2014 [Nov 8-9] [BBCP / AH3LM / EXVSFB / JJBAASB / UNIEL]


Nth Gen Interactive will proudly present Revolution 2014. This is our second time holding our flagship event and now it’s dedicated completely to anime fighters.

The current games list (Subject to change due to availability*):
Blazblue Chronophantasma
Arcana Heart 3: Love Max
Gundam Extreme Vs: Full Boost (2v2)
Jojo: All Star Battle
Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late
Persona 4 Arena 2: Ultramax Ultra Suplex Hold*
Guilty Gear Xrd*

All games will be running on PS3!

An all-star cast of the latest anime fighting games all in their newest iteration for people all around Europe (and beyond) to duke it out to see who the best is. This tournament is going to be a celebration and a showcase of the anime fighting game community as a whole to bring out the best in competition, skill and adaptability. This is where Europe’s best will compete to truly see who is the champion and even better is that anyone from outside Europe can join in the fray to prove they are the King of the Continent.

Location: Bolney Meadow Community Center, 31 Bolney Street, SW8 1EZ Vauxhall London, England UK
Date**: November 8th and 9th 2014
Time:** Venue is open from 12pm to 9pm, saturday and sunday

Nearest Tube Station: Vauxhall (Victoria Line/National Rail, Zone 2) and Stockwell (Victoria Line/Northern Line Zone 2)

Format: Double Elimination for all games except for Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost which will run on Single Elimination.

The stream will be at: www.twitch.tv/nthgenmedia

There will be early sign ups and entry available online with a payment system. Discount prices for venue fee if you book in advance, If you plan to playing in any tournaments it is advise you register and pay in advance to book your spot in the tournament, if you do not you might miss out.

Entry Cost: £10 Early Online or Offline £20 on the day (Whole Weekend) and £10 for the Sunday Only

Online Transactions are done via Paypal Instructions on how to pay will come soon

For each game, it’s £5 entry.
Gundam Vs Extreme is £10 per team
Pre-Registration ends on the 31st October

Seeding points are allocated from the results of London Games Society and Astral Heat Overdrive.

Game Specific Rulings:
Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost
2on2. Please sign up as a Team
16 Team Limit
Single Elimination
First to 3 Games to win a set
No DLC will be present or allowed (This includes EX-S)
Default Timer
Side 7 Only No other stage may be played

All Fighting Games
Double Elimination
32 player limit, 64 for Blazblue
First to 2 Rounds per Game
First to 2 Games to win a Set
Default Timers for all games

Blazblue Chronophantasma
No Unlimited Characters are allowed

Venue Rules:
You must be aged 16 or above

No alcohol/drugs/illegal substances, any found will mean ejection from the venue and possible banning of future events.

No fighting at the venue, any fighting is a bannable offense, if there is a problem please contact a member of staff first.

Any weaponry brought to the venue will result in immediate calls to the police.

Any controllers and sticks are your own responsibility; we will not look after any at any time.

Do not touch any of the consoles unless you are plugging in your stick or controller.

Please make sure you have your wrist band at all times. Staff will periodically check if you have your wristband with you

For venue entry, please print off your PayPal receipt and a symbol of identification (Driverfs Licence, Passport, ID Card) to get your wristband.

If anything has happened to your wristband, please bring the old one to get a new one at the front desk, explaining why this occurred.

Tournament Rules:
If you are not at your designated spot when your game is called, there is a countdown of 2 minutes - If you are not there, you will be disqualified. If you have another game to play, please let your respective gamesf judge know so they can start another match. If you need to go toilet, please let the member of staff know that is taking your side of the bracket so there is no confusion.

If there is a pause or controller disconnect while the game is active, then the offending player forfeits that round.

Notify when you are going for a button check so there is no confusion. Buttons checks MUST be performed before the match starts and is the responsibility of the player.

Chronos converters are banned

No Turbo controllers

No wireless pads (Due to the liability of people pressing home button during other people's matches)

On Gundam Vs Extreme, if the connection drops, please wait 2 minutes before restarting the game.

If you have any inquiries about the event or any questions please contact @Rayokarna on Twitter or e-mail: nthgeninteractive@hotmail.co.uk.

***Persona 4 Arena Ultramax sign ups will not be open until we can confirm that the game is region locked. If it is, then the game will be replaced with another game and that will be announced.

*Guilty Gear Xrd sign ups will not be open until the game has a confirmed console release date, if the release window is not before the time frame of the event, the game will be replaced.
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