UK Ryu New to SSF4 and PSN

I?ve played Street Fighter casually for years on and off with the most recent break being nearly five years or more. I?ve never been amazing and it?s never seemed to matter having never played an online version of the series.

Now I?m into it (got myself a stick and done the easier trials?) I cant seem to keep it together playing online. I?ve grasped the basics with Ryu but the problem is that every time I get a lead or take a round I get rushed down or I?m so impatient about taking the win people are just sitting back and punishing me. I know the problem is I?m trying to keep people at a distance and I?m not aggressive enough, I?m playing a passive hit and run game.

I keep coming across immense Kens, 8/10 games I?m playing are superior Ryu or Ken players that seem to be able to pull a chain of moves that cant be stopped, before I know it my life is near empty and all I can do it mash out a metsu to do some damage in a lame attempt to not look so utterly clueless.

Any of you SRK lot got any advice?
Any of you SRK from the UK and willing to give me some tips online?

**PM to Solid_SRK_, this guy from UK too and very good person. Will help you.


Feel free to add me for some training sessions.

He only plays HD remix.