UK Sticks for Sale

Hi folks, I have a few things I need to get rid of.

Razer Atrox - Has taken several actual beatings, and thus the frame is a little curved, and bits of it are a little broken. The lid still opens, though it is quite creaky (it was creaky from day 1 tbh). There may be other cosmetic flaws. It still functions electronically just fine, it is just a bit physically run down. I have removed the artwork and replaced the parts with b sanwa clear buttons with black plungers, and the stick has a sanwa clear balltop (cracked, they all seem to do this). I can replace the artwork and original parts (I think) if desired. Comes with box and all the inserts. I will say £50 for this, since the parts are all fine. Don’t really want to post it, but I will happily meet in most parts of London (I am north).

Madcatz PS3 Soul Calibur Stick - Ok, I attempted to spray this with black and white vinyl dye. The results are mixed - from a distance it looks great, but up close the white parts are poorly sprayed and uneven in places. The rear of the stick is particularly amateurish. Some of the smaller plastic bits (guide button etc) are slightly deformed because I sprayed them with too much black vinyl dye (protip: don’t try this ever!). It has a super thin 6 button plexi from Art’s Hobbies, and the artwork is currently some low res black and white floral paper that actually looks ok. The inside has been hacked up a bit to accomodate a Crown 303-FK lever. Everything still works though. Choice of 303-FK, LS-32 or JLF with this, as well as 6 x black and white Sanwa or Seimitsu snap ins (start and select are original). Say £35 for this one, collection in London again?

I also have some other things - a PS2 tekken stick case with the button hole tabs filed down, ready for parts; another complete stick, will post back when I decide which one.

Sorry for the lack of pics, I will try and get some up soon. Any questions about these aesthetically-challenged offerings, please get in touch.