Uk street fighter alpha 3 ranking battle results

Here are some results from the last alpha 3 tournaments held in goodge street arcade.

2nd December 2003

1st Gary “evil guy” V-rolento/A-dhalsim
2nd GJ A-akuma/v-akuma
3rd Richard “ryu” willams A-dhalsim/A-ryu/A-zangeif
4th Damien The destroyer" A-balrog
5th Hani V-Geif /X-rolento
6th Inspector A-akuma
6th Ben X-ryu
7th wells A-juni
7th Gary douglas A-ryu/A-sakura

Goodge street 20th january 2004

1st GJ “superchamp” V-akuma /A-bison
2nd Richard “ryu” willams A-dhalsim/A-ryu/A-zangeif
3rd Damien Bon A-bison/X-Ryu
4th Hani V-geif
5th chunkis V-akuma /v-sakura
6th tunde A-adon
6th The chef V-ryu
7th Alan the man" v-akuma/ v-vega/A-ryu
7th inspector v-cammy / A-Geif
7th Martin Hitman" A-ken
7th Gary douglas A-ryu/A-sakura
9th wells A-juni

Goodge street 17th feb 2004

1st GJ super champ" V-akuma
2nd Damien bon V-sakura/v-akuma
3rd Gary evil V-rolento/v-ryu
4th Richard Ryu willams A-dhalsim
5th Inspector A-geif
6th chunkis V-akuma
6th Grayfox V-akuma / V-sakura
7th Tunde A-Adon
7th wells A-juni
8th The chef X-RYU POWER!!
8th Alun the man V-akuma / A-ryu

Goodge street march 16th

1st Damien Bon classic Ryu
2nd Gj Super champ" A-bison/A-rose
3rd Richard Ryu willams A-dhalsim/A-ryu/A-Gief
4th Inspector A-akuma
5th Chunkis V-akuma/V-ryu
5rd Gary evil V-rolento/v-ryu/a-dhalsim
6th Alun the man V-akuma / A-ryu
6th Gary douglas A-ryu/A-sakura
7th wells A-juni

Goodge Street july 11th

1st Gary “evil guy” A-guy
2nd Damien Bon A-ryu
3rd Richard Ryu willams A-dhalsim/A-ryu/A-Gief
4th The Chef V-RYU
5th Chunkis V-akuma
6th Inspector A-akuma
7th wells A-juni
7th Gary douglas A-ryu/A-sakura
8th tunde A-sakura/ A-don
9th Alun the man V-vega/A-RYU

Goodge Street August 2nd 2004

1st GJ super champ" V-akuma
2nd Richard Ryu willams A-dhalsim/A-ryu/A-Gief
3rd Hani V-geif
4th Inspector A-geif/A-akuma

Next tournament is on tuesdays 1st of september.

I thought this would at least be at cornertrap. Giving up on the site already?

Wouldn’t surprise me, Its been teh same for months, even when it reopened.

whats up with all the z ism? are yall playing console? :xeye:

nope they are played on electrocoin cabinets :tdown:

but the players there are dope. :tup:

The buttons in that arcade are the very thick concave type… ones that are raised pretty high from the surface, so you have to press them in very deep.
Consequently, it’s very hard to press 2 buttons together to activate V-ism, lol
Also the joysticks are stiff like american style (but not as tall) :tdown:

I’m surprised the RBs haven’t moved to trocadero yet with their l33t VS City cabinets with sanwa sticks and sanwa buttons :smiley:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)